jdev - 2020-07-02

  1. lovetox

    so we are thinking about impl 0377

  2. lovetox

    any thoughts?

  3. Zash

    go for it.

  4. lovetox

    does prosody support that?

  5. Zash

    There's a 3rd party plugin for it

  6. Martin

    [xep 0377]

  7. Martin


  8. Martin


  9. Zash

    No bot here

  10. Martin

    He, somehow I assumed we are in the prosody muc here. Sorry for the noise.#

  11. Zash

    It's https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0377.html

  12. Martin

    Thanks, but I already searxed it. :D

  13. Martin

    lovetox: The prosody community module worked for me with conversations. Don't know if any other client is supporting it already.

  14. lovetox

    we are in the progress of adding it to gajim

  15. Zash

    There was that discussion on whether it really should be tied into blocking the way it is. And it doesn't really cover what happens with the reports, but that could be a separate XEP (some day?).

  16. lovetox

    i think it covers the most usual cases

  17. lovetox

    so yeah it maybe does not cover some exotic uses of reporting abuse

  18. lovetox

    but i think most people receive spam and want to block and report

  19. Zash

    I mean, it doesn't cover handling of abuse reports (by admins)

  20. lovetox

    why would this be a XEP though?

  21. lovetox

    i guess admin looks at it, looks at reported account, and decides to ban or warn

  22. Zash

    Pretty much.

  23. Martin

    It does expose the message content?

  24. Zash


  25. Zash

    An admin might be able to retrieve that from MAM tho

  26. Martin

    I don't want to dig into users MAM…

  27. Martin

    Is this even legal?

  28. Zash

    I think it was suggested last time this came up that it could include an archive id, then the admin can pull only that message and look at it.

  29. Matt

    it is legal

  30. Zash

    "Here, look at this spam/abuse" would probably make it legal, but IANAL

  31. Martin

    Ok, then I have a moral problem with it. :D But if I can get only the reported message via the ID I'd be good with it.

  32. Matt

    did you know if you ping in a certain state in america its illegal

  33. Matt

    i think thats so crazy

  34. Martin

    Zash: Yeah, my concern was seeing other messages as well, while digging through the archive, but with retrieving it by ID that would be no issue anymore.

  35. Zash

    And that should also cover concerns about forgery that would be possible if you included the whole message when reporting.

  36. Matt

    but thats what end to end encryptoion is for

  37. lovetox

    em, if you want to stop spammers you have to look at content

  38. lovetox

    if you say outright you will never look at user content, then there is really no way for you to stop spammers, and abuse reports could be false

  39. Martin

    I won't look at _all messages_ because one was reported at spam.

  40. Zash

    For spam reports admins might only be interested in aggregates for forwarding to the originating server.

  41. Zash

    377 data isn't really used today afaik

  42. Zash

    OTOH, not sure how the XMPP story on handling other kinds of abuse is today.

  43. lovetox

    Martin, you look at the last 20 messages

  44. lovetox

    you see with one look if its obviously spam

  45. Guus

    So, in project management speak, MVP is "minimal viable product" - but what's MLP?

  46. Matt

    What about fail2ban??

  47. SouL

    I've never heard of Minimum Lovable Product, Guus :D https://themindstudios.com/blog/mlp-vs-mvp-vs-mmp/

  48. Guus

    woooow... thanks SouL. I googled, but didn't find that one

  49. SouL

    Remember to add many heart emojis if you do an MLP