jdev - 2020-07-09

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  20. jonas’ flow, is it possible that triggering the battery saver once will kill MAXS until manual intervention?
  21. jonas’ also, is it sufficient to put the XMPP transport on the exemption list, or does the main component also be exempted?
  22. jonas’ oh, I just realized that there’s an IRC channel
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  39. flow jonas’, depends on many factors, but since you ask if it is possible, then I'd say yes
  40. flow but for example, I run the latest MAXS on my Pixel 3a without any issues, it appears to stay connected all the time and to get restarted, even though newer Android versions seem to not guarantee that
  41. Martin MAXS looks interesting. What do you use it for?
  42. flow Martin, mostly online banking ;)
  43. flow and sending/receiving sms
  44. flow the "somebody is calling you" notification is also nice, but a little bit less helpfull since newer Android versions do no longer make the calling number available to apps in the background if the screen is not on
  45. flow the "somebody is calling you" notification is also nice, but a little bit less helpfull since newer Android versions do no longer make the calling number available to apps in the background if the screen is locked
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  48. jonas’ Martin, (a) getting notifications when a call/text message arrives on my phone, (b) getting a quick geofix on my wife when she gets lost :)
  49. Martin Online banking?
  50. jonas’ Martin, smsTAN I presume
  51. Martin Ah, ok makes sense.
  52. jonas’ hm, I can’t get MAXS to do anything rigth now. also it freezes when I tap the About button in the Transport activity :)
  53. Martin (b) getting a quick geofix on my wife when she gets lost :) With her consent?
  54. jonas’ Martin, of course.
  55. jonas’ she doesn’t have a smartphone even, she just takes the one with osmand~ and maxs and stuff with her when she ventures in unknown territories
  56. Martin Is it silent or will she be aware whenever you request her location?
  57. jonas’ Martin, it’s silent, but she needs to turn GPS on manually
  58. jonas’ MAXS can’t do that
  59. Martin Ok, at least. Otherwise that would be some scary surveillance. 😃
  60. jonas’ Martin, *shrug*
  61. jonas’ I know people who have each other live on google maps all the time :)
  62. Martin I know these people two and it's scary.
  63. jonas’ YMMV, whatever floats a your boat.
  64. Martin Like when you do bar hopping and they say better not go to this bar as there are many table dance bars nearby and I don't want my wife to think I went there. 😐
  65. jonas’ that would not be a problem in so many ways for us. also, I think this is quite off-topic ;)
  66. Martin > YMMV, whatever floats a your boat. Yeah, if both of them want it. For me, I don't want to track my wife and won't get tracked myself.
  67. flow jonas’, if you find the time, then please send me the output of "adb shell logcat -v time -d |grep -i maxs"
  68. jonas’ no adb on this device, but I did not restart the phone yet to do that later :)
  69. flow happy to help, and I also received two complaints from other MAXS users, which makes it probably half the userbase of MAXS, that the MAXS forums are down
  70. flow I hope to find the time to re-create the forums once gsoc is over
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  154. rion if someone write in Qt wants to drop libidn-1 support. There is a small replacement based on libidn code https://github.com/psi-im/iris/tree/master/3rdparty/stringprep
  155. rion if someone writes in Qt wants to drop libidn-1 support. There is a small replacement based on libidn code https://github.com/psi-im/iris/tree/master/3rdparty/stringprep
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  192. jonas’ flow, I’ve got a logcat, where can I put it to?
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  202. flow jonas’, via mail flo@geekplace.eu and/or paste.debian.org (for example)
  203. jonas’ sent
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