jdev - 2020-08-10

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  172. lovetox so im running into a problem with ejabberd since a long time
  173. lovetox when i join many MUCs (hence much traffic)
  174. lovetox it seems ejabberd sends me stanzas and i dont get the chance to ack them until ejabberd runs into some stream management queue limit
  175. lovetox and aborts the connection
  176. lovetox so back then i just thought ok maybe my network code is shitty, lets rewrite this, but its still happening, and i dont really get what i could do better
  177. lovetox there is a outgoing connection and incoming connection, i have callbacks on both when they are "ready"
  178. lovetox and if they are ready, i write or receive data
  179. lovetox and if they are ready is decided by GLib
  180. lovetox so i didnt write the socket code
  181. lovetox i dont know why the outgoing connection does not become ready .. maybe because of the other side, but thats just a guess
  182. lovetox does any developer here have special code that somehow handles this case
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  187. Kev You haven't got something going on like "I'll only write to the socket once I'm done reading from it" have you?
  188. Kev That's what the problem sounds like.
  189. lovetox no i definitly dont have that
  190. lovetox GLib abstracts that
  191. jonas’ lovetox, are you sure that glib will let you alternate between read and write if both are possible?
  192. lovetox i get a callback when the socket is ready, either to receive or to write
  193. lovetox and when i get that callback i use it to do exactly that
  194. lovetox no im not sure, but how do other devs tackle that problem, do you explicitly after X bytes received, send stuff?
  195. jonas’ my event loop takes care of that
  196. jonas’ but I don’t trust glib
  197. lovetox how?
  198. jonas’ (my event loop = asyncio.whateverthedefaulteventlooponlinuxis)
  199. jonas’ but asyncio has write queues, so I *expect* it to write things from the queues when possible and only then hand me read callbacks.
  200. lovetox ok i expect also things from GLib, so you don't handle that case yourself
  201. jonas’ lovetox, I suggest you go and read the glib source code
  202. lovetox thing is i had that problem when i used python network code
  203. lovetox and i only ever had it with ejabberd
  204. jonas’ prosody has no stream management queue size limits AFAIK
  205. jonas’ s/prosody/the unofficial mod_smacks/
  206. jonas’ ok, I checked asyncio; it will alternate between readers and writers. each iteration of the loop collects ready events and then processes them
  207. Kev I don't know what the issue is, but what you're describing is 100% the behaviour you'd get if you don't bother writing until you're done reading, and there's a lot of data to read.
  208. Kev So I'm aware of implementations that manually alternate to avoid reading from the queue forever.
  209. lovetox yeah i know this sounds like that
  210. lovetox maybe it is, maybe i should ask the GLib guys if they alternate between the streams
  211. jonas’ lovetox, just read the source
  212. jonas’ that’s the least ambiguous answer you’ll get
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