jdev - 2020-08-13

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  137. lovetox

    hm, regarding UserActivity and UserMood

  138. lovetox

    right now Gajim deletes both from pep when we go offline

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  140. lovetox

    how much sense does this make in a multi device setup?

  141. Zash

    good question

  142. lovetox

    i see the idea that it does not make much sense to have this info published if im not online

  143. lovetox

    i could check if another client is online, and only delete if im the last

  144. Zash

    If anything I think these should have some kind of timeout, after which they're reset.

  145. lovetox

    yeah my timeout was "i go offline"

  146. lovetox

    is there not a timeout feature in pubsub

  147. Zash

    poezio behaves the same way I think, clearing PEP on exit

  148. Zash

    Hehe, are you sure? Maybe if you refresh the page a few times it'll appear.

  149. jonas’


  150. pep.

    https://lab.louiz.org/poezio/poezio/-/issues/3467 poezio also fails to clear these nodes when not connected. (weird!)

  151. lovetox

    <field var='pubsub#item_expire' type='text-single' label='Number of seconds after which to automatically purge items. `max` for no specific limit other than a server imposed maximum.'/> <field var='pubsub#itemreply'

  152. Zash


  153. jonas’

    given that you can’t even always control when you’re going offline, the right thing™ would be to fix this on the recipient or server side, wouldn’t it?

  154. jonas’


  155. lovetox

    probably no server implements it

  156. pep.

    And some are gonna rant about 'max' again anyway :p

  157. Zash


  158. lovetox

    but not my problem i guess

  159. lovetox

    i publish this with 24 hour expire

  160. jonas’


  161. Zash

    Wait was that sneaked in with the max_items change?

  162. pep.

    Zash, I doubt it

  163. jonas’

    can this be used as a publish-options thing?

  164. jonas’

    and it’s not clear to me if the timer is reset on every config change/item publish

  165. Zash

    Publish options would be cool indeed

  166. lovetox

    jonas everything in the config form can be used as publish options

  167. pep.

    jonas’, yeah that'd be good to know

  168. pep.

    And not "implementation defined"

  169. lovetox

    but server tend to only support some config options as publish options

  170. Zash

    activity = in a meeting, expire = 1h etc

  171. jonas’

    lovetox, but then it affects the entire node, I suppose

  172. pep.

    lovetox, so you're gonna keep a timer and republish every 24h?

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  174. lovetox

    yeah thats good, as this node has only one item

  175. lovetox

    pep., why would i republish

  176. Zash

    For these OG extended presence things that's fine

  177. lovetox

    i tell the user, this activity holds for 24 hours

  178. lovetox

    afterwards you have to set something new yourself

  179. pep.


  180. Zash

    I think I've seen this kind of thing in other chat things.

  181. lovetox

    yes whatsapp does this with status messages

  182. Zash

    At least setting "busy" that expires after a while

  183. lovetox

    only valid for 24 hours

  184. Zash

    Someone™ still has to write the XEP about moving the rest of <presence> stuff into PEP

  185. Kev

    Yeah, sorry.

  186. lovetox

    ok ejabberd supports this config option not at all

  187. lovetox

    and prosody also not

  188. lovetox

    of course good things can not be happen

  189. Zash

    file feature request

  190. lovetox

    <field var='pubsub#purge_offline' type='boolean' label='Whether to purge all items when the relevant publisher goes offline'/>

  191. lovetox

    this is also intersting

  192. Zash


  193. Zash

    That is easier to implement too

  194. lovetox

    yeah but not that nice ..

  195. lovetox

    the delay thingy is definitly nicer

  196. Zash

    If it's bound to the session it'd be weird if stuff gets reset because you got temporarily disconnected

  197. jonas’

    stream management saves you

  198. lovetox

    do i miss something or does pubsub not hold the publication date somewhere

  199. lovetox

    can i get the time something was published?

  200. jonas’

    not out of the box

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  202. edhelas

    https://nl.movim.eu/?node/pubsub.movim.eu/Dino :)

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  336. lovetox

    what do you think about multiline status messages

  337. lovetox

    should a client allow them or not?

  338. lovetox

    currently Gajim does a to_one_line() on user input

  339. lovetox

    but im not sure i should, clients which can only show oneline can format the text themself when displaying

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