jdev - 2020-09-01

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  121. flow debacle, i'd probably simply mimic the pattern of xep335 for csv and init files, and i'd potentially add an 'id' attribute to the element, which identifies the payload in case there are multiple payloads of the same kind (akin to data form's FORM_FIELD, but not within the payload)
  122. flow debacle, i'd probably simply mimic the pattern of xep335 for csv and ini files, and i'd potentially add an 'id' attribute to the element, which identifies the payload in case there are multiple payloads of the same kind (akin to data form's FORM_FIELD, but not within the payload)
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  127. debacle flow OK, sounds good. In my case there will be only one payload, so this is easy.
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  130. pep. Don't forget to namespace :)
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  153. debacle MattJ Why does a container for JSON exist, but not for other text types? Does "XEP-1521: Text Containers" make sense? <text xmlns="urn:xmpp:text:0" type="text/csv"> Aaron,Titus Andronicus The Abbott of Westminster,Richard II Lord Abergavenny,Henry VIII </text> With type = (whatever boils down to text in the MIME universe), maybe defaulting to "text/plain"? Or would people start to use it for multipart "application/vnd.ms-powerpoint"?
  154. jonas’ debacle, you could also go with standard <body/> and set Content-Type via XEP-0131
  155. Kev debacle: The reason for JSON containers was that lots of people shove things in body that really shouldn't be there, and it's usually JSON.
  156. Kev And there was a hope that by providing a XEP, libraries would support it and it would be as easy to do something that was less wrong as it was to do the wrong thing.
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  158. Kev *really* the sensible thing to do is to use your own element in your own namespace when shifting stuff around that's only understood by your own application.
  159. jonas’ that’s true
  160. pep. So the obvious solution is to convert everything to JSON and use 335!
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  162. Kev ...it's less bad than shoving things in the body :)
  163. jonas’ noooooooooooo
  164. pep. :D
  165. pep. debacle: I imagine you use slix? it's quite easy to create a custom container based on the 335 module
  166. pep. Change the NS, the tag name and you're almost done
  167. pep. you can even do validation directly in there if you want
  168. pep. (just as the 335 slix module does)
  169. flow there's also xep432, but it's specific to json. I do wonder, just like debacle, if this shouldn't be applied to other text types
  170. debacle pep. libstrophe! ;-)
  171. MattJ The problem is that CSV is a terrible idea for interop
  172. debacle Not much worse than JSON ;-)
  173. MattJ JSON at least has just the RFC and the version everyone uses
  174. debacle RFC 4180. But anyway, this is about legacy/proprietary applications. It's not the scope of XMPP to fix them, I assume.
  175. Kev It's 432 I was thinking of, thanks flow.
  176. MattJ Honestly best to just use a custom element in a custom namespace
  177. Kev ^
  178. MattJ I was going to ask about 432 recently
  179. pep. I still don't get 432 :/
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  181. pep. Why..
  182. debacle kev MattJ I see. At least, that is easy.
  183. MattJ It's renamed and vastly simplified (I approve), but now it's just a wrapper around JSON containers that adds a datatype field and disco
  184. pep. Yo dawg I know you like containers so I put a container in your container
  185. MattJ Is it needed? Or better to add these to JSON containers?
  186. MattJ The original UDT was too specific and extensive, but the current XEP doesn't seem so
  187. pep. funnily the shortname is still udt
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  190. debacle OK, I will combine 0295 and 0335 then ;-) <json xmlns="urn:xmpp:json:0"> { "type": "text/csv", "data": "Aaron,Titus Andronicus..." } </json>
  191. pep. :x
  192. pep. Why
  193. debacle (kidding)
  194. pep. Ah sorry..
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  213. flow pep.> I still don't get 432 :/ I think the idea was that xmpp client libraries provide a common API to get/set the textual data
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  215. flow compared to custom elements, this would have the advantage that you don't need to fidle with whatever you need to do to plug support for those custom elements into the library you are using
  216. flow so I see a certain appeal in that
  217. jonas’ the textual data? ITYM CDATA or JSON data
  218. jonas’ (and even CDATA I would find confusing, because the point would be to take JSON, not strings, via the API)
  219. flow hmm? textual data / char data, should be the same here
  220. flow on the xmpp library api surface it's just strings/textual data/character data
  221. jonas’ I sure hope not
  222. flow if the string is json, csv, or whatever does not matter to the string representation
  223. jonas’ then it’s no gain
  224. pep. flow, and that would already be out of spec for 432 as I understand it
  225. jonas’ on the API surface it should be JSON
  226. flow pep., yes, iirc the first version of the protoxep for xep432 was different
  227. flow that UDT (?) thingy
  228. pep. I'd rather teach devs how to use the library rather than having them use a one-size-fits-all thing that doesn't fit all
  229. flow that would allow your library to provider setters/getters like setter: setPayload(Stanza stanza, Type type, String id, String payload) → setPayload(stanza, Type.CSV, "my-data", "foo, bar, baz") getter: String getPayload(Stanza stanza, Type type, String id) → getPayload(stanza, Type.CSV, "my-data")
  230. flow that would allow your library to provide setters/getters like setter: setPayload(Stanza stanza, Type type, String id, String payload) → setPayload(stanza, Type.CSV, "my-data", "foo, bar, baz") getter: String getPayload(Stanza stanza, Type type, String id) → getPayload(stanza, Type.CSV, "my-data")
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  232. jonas’ flow, but not in '432
  233. flow jonas’, I know, I think that was one goal of UDT
  234. jonas’ ok
  235. flow pep., again, that strikes me as something that does not exclude each other
  236. flow Smack has had JiveProperties since nearly 20 years now, and from what I can tell it is very well accepted by the users, as it allows to transport arbitrary data easily, without having to fiddle with adding custom extension elements
  237. flow I was that involved in UDT, but I think I liked the idea. not sure why it got cut down to json only
  238. flow I was not that involved in UDT, but I think I liked the idea. not sure why it got cut down to json only
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  240. debacle Btw. I wonder, whether this structure is correct? <iq id="1" type="set"> <pubsub xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub"> <publish node="mynode"> <item> <json xmlns="urn:xmpp:json:0"> {&quot;foo&quot;:123} </json> </item> </publish> </pubsub> </iq> It works well, at least, but that does not mean anything.
  241. jonas’ lgtm, but I always get confused by pubsub nesting
  242. debacle jonas’ That's why I ask ;-) But it seems things end up in PEP as intended.
  243. jonas’ then it’s probably ok :)
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  426. rion If anyone uses QCA for cryptography, I just added DTLS support there. So basically ready for Jingle stuff.
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  428. Zash /react najs!
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  430. jonas’ react.js?
  431. Zash I'd rather not
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