jdev - 2020-09-25

  1. carrabelloy

    Can someone tell me how to find an address here and how to register properly. I have my own server and Mumble on it, but that doesn't really help. Hence my question to you. Since everything is running xmpp. aim seach this instanzsupport@forum.friendi.ca

  2. lovetox

    you want to register where?

  3. Martin

    Am I reading https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6121#section-3.3 right that, if A and B are mutually subscribed and A unsubscribes it's all handled by the server and B's client has nothing to do? But on A's side I still see B online after unsubscribing. :/

  4. MattJ

    A contact's client definitely doesn't have to "approve" an incoming unsubscribe or anything like that, the server updates the roster and should take care of everything

  5. Martin

    Ok. Now I realized on A I still see B online albeit the bot is not running ATM. 🤔

  6. lovetox

    MattJ, regarding the gone error

  7. lovetox

    the rfc uses this for a user jid, like if he swtiches account or something

  8. lovetox

    or even away from xmpp

  9. lovetox

    so it kinda makes sense to format the jid as uri

  10. lovetox

    though in the MUC case, only JIDs are allowed as alternate venue

  11. MattJ


  12. lovetox

    hm or at least the attribute is called jid

  13. MattJ

    The RFC says it should be a URI, is Prosody just putting a JID?

  14. lovetox

    wait i have to test that

  15. MattJ

    Just looking at the code now, it should be putting a URI

  16. MattJ


  17. lovetox

    ok yeah i think everything is ok :)