jdev - 2020-09-26

  1. It's x

    Hey I think you people are ll

  2. It's x

    Looking for me

  3. Martin


  4. It's x

    Yeah man

  5. It's x

    66,000 tokens to Victoria a couple yrs ago

  6. It's x

    I'm the anonymous tipper

  7. It's x

    Whats up you

  8. It's x

    The first time I was on the site I used emojis to send a code

  9. It's x

    Y'all going to talk to me or what

  10. It's x

  11. It's x

    And a bunch of blocks that had letters on them

  12. Martin

    Kev, MattJ, ralphm: spammy guy ^

  13. It's x

    Look how else would I know what all that geek talk up the log means

  14. It's x

    Yo talk to me and tell me what you need from me or ima double up on the server and encryption

  15. It's x

    Do y'all know what the X is for?

  16. It's x

    Let me spell this out for you its just like Christmas only its Xmas its shorter to write down

  17. It's x

    Wtf y'all scared to talk . dont be I'm cool as fuck

  18. It's x

    It dont make a fuck you cant kill.me I'm bullet proof and surrounded by angels

  19. lovetox

    we *really* need that message moderation feature

  20. It's x

    Whats up if y'all cant talk to me then dont talk aboit me it is fucking rude

  21. It's x


  22. It's x

    Someone get the cobra

  23. It's x

    She isnt scared to talk

  24. ralphm


  25. eta

    lovetox: yeah

  26. eta

    also a bulk moderate feature

  27. eta

    he moved to xsf@

  28. eta

    (cc ralphm)

  29. It's x

    Yo what's reallly going on in he

  30. It's x

    In here

  31. It's x

    MattJ what is up with this tracking my every move.

  32. eta


  33. It's x

    Eta what can you tell me about this code

  34. ralphm

    It's x: simple, if you continue bothering people with off topic messages in these channels, you're banned.

  35. It's x

    Kev is there any way I can get my other 2 accounts unlocked ?

  36. ralphm

    Why would we do that?

  37. It's x

    I have tokens on one and I would like to use them

  38. It's x

    This site seems to have an interest in me that I didnt know about

  39. It's x

    Its understandable

  40. Martin

    Just ban it. It'll spam it's gibberish again.

  41. ralphm

    This is all coming in through our website

  42. eta

    when implementing XEP-0313, do the <first> and <last> elements returned as part of the RSM <set> in the <fin> element need to be the archive IDs, or can they be arbitrary?

  43. Zash

    Pretty sure they need to be archive IDs when used in XEP-0313

  44. eta


  45. Zash

    How so?

  46. eta

    because archive IDs aren't sortable

  47. Zash


  48. eta

    so I'll need to do an extra step to translate the archive ID to the integer primary key of the database table storing all the history

  49. eta

    and then do a "where id >"...

  50. Zash

    Tell me about it :)

  51. eta

    was hoping I could get away with hackily just shoving the primary key in there >_>

  52. Zash

    This is what Prosodys SQL backend does

  53. Zash

    eta: Are you implementing a server?

  54. eta

    surely that means the before-id and after-id things are redundant?

  55. eta

    Zash, nah, this is for whatsxmpp

  56. Zash

    eta: Are youe implementing a XEP-0313 as a server or a client?

  57. eta

    as a server

  58. Zash

    So it's up to you what format archive ids has

  59. Zash

    You could make it the numeric primary key if you wanted

  60. eta

    well not really, given this transport also has to work without persistent history

  61. eta

    so I've been handing out archive IDs in another format since the thing started existing

  62. eta

    but anyway, surely if you can specify any arbitrary archive IDs via RSM, the before-id and after-id parts of XEP-0313 are redundant?

  63. Zash

    Not exactly

  64. Zash

    Those define the messages matched by the query

  65. Zash

    The RSM stuff does paging within that set

  66. eta strokes beard

  67. eta

    I'm struggling to think of an implementation usecase where the difference between those 2 is significant

  68. Zash


  69. eta

    especially given the spec mandates you can't have any conception of an "open query"

  70. eta

    hrm, I guess

  71. eta

    oh wait, can you not specify both <after> and <before> in RSM?

  72. Zash


  73. eta

    ah! okay, that works then

  74. eta

    thanks Zash :)

  75. Zash


  76. lovetox

    eta, this is an important detail when learning about RSM

  77. lovetox

    RSM is not meant to be a filter

  78. lovetox

    you filter a database with other means (after-id, start, end, before-id)

  79. lovetox

    and then page through that filter result with RSM

  80. eta

    lovetox, yeah, got it :)