jdev - 2020-10-16

  1. Martin

    Any idea why I am getting an error here?

  2. Martin

    Oct 16 14:11:08 c2s56414c15c1c0 debug RECV: <iq from='go-sendxmpp@mdosch.de/go-sendxmpp' type='get' id='7018f220-787b1822-ad3be58b' to='martin@mdosch.de' xml:lang='en'><pubsub xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub'><items node='urn:xmpp:openpgp:0:public-keys'/></pubsub></iq> Oct 16 14:11:08 c2s56414c15c1c0 debug Received[c2s]: <iq from='go-sendxmpp@mdosch.de/go-sendxmpp' type='get' id='7018f220-787b1822-ad3be58b' to='martin@mdosch.de' xml:lang='en'> Oct 16 14:11:08 c2s56414c15c1c0 debug Sending[c2s]: <iq from='martin@mdosch.de' type='error' to='go-sendxmpp@mdosch.de/go-sendxmpp' id='7018f220-787b1822-ad3be58b'> Oct 16 14:11:08 c2s56414c15c1c0 debug SEND: <iq from='martin@mdosch.de' type='error' to='go-sendxmpp@mdosch.de/go-sendxmpp' id='7018f220-787b1822-ad3be58b'><error type='auth'><forbidden xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/></error></iq>

  3. MattJ

    Maybe the node isn't configured to be public?

  4. Martin

    Hmm, I added go-sendxmpp@mdosch.de to my roster, so it should be able to access it, right?

  5. MattJ

    Mutual subscription?

  6. Martin

    But you also don't see any obvious syntax error?

  7. Martin

    Hmm, not mutual as go-sendxmpp doesn't care about suscriptions so far. :D

  8. MattJ

    It has to be authorized to see your presence, and then it will be authorized to access your PEP nodes

  9. Martin

    I have authorized it, although it didn't request it. ^^ But let's play with presence subscription and see whether it makes a difference. Thanks for your input. :)