jdev - 2020-11-17

  1. gutuning

    Hello guys I am new to the xmpp world. Can someone help me get xmpp with webrtc working?

  2. gutuning

    Any help is appreciated

  3. gutuning

    I am able to send jingle but I am getting unsupported-application error

  4. moparisthebest

    gutuning, probably need more details, are you writing code, using an app, a user, developer, system administrator, what

  5. gutuning

    Ok I will explain. I am trying to develop react native app

  6. gutuning

    I already got the chat functionality working using stanza library for JavaScript

  7. gutuning

    I am name trying to implement signaling for webrtc but I am getting unsuportedd application error

  8. gutuning

    I am also not writing the stanzas. I am using jingle functionality