jdev - 2020-12-08

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  20. Sam Whited Third (or fourth) time's the charm. I rewrote my form package yet again and I *think* I've got an API I can live with finally and worked out some of the weird ambiguities in the spec.
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  166. jonas’ lovetox, where can I report issues with window management in gajim? :/
  167. lovetox on our tracker, dev.gajim.org
  168. jonas’ it seems that all windows are the same, even the "dialogue" ones, which causes annoying window management with i3
  169. lovetox yes i also use i3 and noticed that
  170. jonas’ and I have no way to match on the roster window
  171. lovetox but i also dont know what people that use i3 really want
  172. jonas’ I think this also affects other WMs, but in more subtle ways
  173. jonas’ either way, setting a few window roles is not going to harm
  174. lovetox you can match all windows
  175. lovetox i thought its more about making the windows float
  176. jonas’ that I’d like. all windows *except* the one with chats :)
  177. jonas’ yeah, I want all of them to float except the chat window
  178. lovetox wait i can look into my config
  179. jonas’ but other applications get their widnows floating without any additional hassle, so I think there’s something wrong with how gajim does it
  180. jonas’ probably something about dialogue vs. main window
  181. lovetox yes
  182. jonas’ or however that’s called in gtk
  183. jonas’ stuff like the account management should really be a dialogue
  184. lovetox the dialog flag i dont have it on many windows
  185. jonas’ it would be good to get that
  186. jonas’ then all it needs is a port to Qt and it is usable :-X
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  188. jonas’ and gajim doesn’t close its roster window when I try to close it via i3
  189. jonas’ I think I need to put some work into that
  190. jonas’ lovetox, I’d still be interested in your config bits :)
  191. lovetox i have to find it first
  192. lovetox # for_window [instance="org.gajim.Gajim" title="Start / Join Chat"] floating enable
  193. lovetox you should be able to match on instance and title
  194. lovetox title should be "Gajim" for the main window
  195. lovetox if you are in single window mode
  196. jonas’ single window mode?
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  198. lovetox you can have roster and chat in one window
  199. lovetox checkout preferences
  200. lovetox pref -> genereal -> window layout
  201. jonas’ that’d solve some of the issues indeed
  202. jonas’ I need to check that out tomorrow, thanks!
  203. jonas’ bedtime
  204. lovetox maybe join for the next questions the gajim chat :) n8
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  209. Sam Whited I know a few people said they ignore the special multi-item result form syntax from dataforms, but does any client or server actually use it for anything that can provide a counter example?
  210. Sam Whited I have an API that works now, and I see how adding result forms would work, but I don't actually understand the purpose of it, so I thought I'd try to understand it first before supporting it.
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  218. lovetox yes Sam Whited
  219. lovetox look at the Search XEP
  220. lovetox i think 0055
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  223. lovetox and i know metronome uses that for searching for other users on the same server i think
  224. lovetox And Gajim implements the multi item report form
  225. lovetox i also dont see what the big problem should be with that, why you should ignore it
  226. Zash there's a prosody plugin. it just builds and deals with xml, not prosodys dataform library
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  228. Zash is it even using dataforms?
  229. lovetox what?
  230. lovetox 0055?
  231. lovetox yes
  232. lovetox scroll further down
  233. Zash I mean this mod_vjud, looks like it doesn't do any of that after all
  234. Zash never mind me
  235. lovetox and as i see it the multi items thing, is just a special cased dataform
  236. lovetox because creators might thought, that its very often the case that a server wants to give back a table of data
  237. lovetox so they thought, so that not everyone invents there own "table" in a dataform
  238. lovetox they describe it in the XEP
  239. Zash funny how rarely used it is tho
  240. Zash mostly we do disco#items or something
  241. lovetox but also the search xep misses a way to page it
  242. Zash Can't you RSM it?
  243. lovetox at least it does not mention it
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