jdev - 2020-12-10

  1. iOSDev

    Hi, I have a really dumb question but I can't find an answer to it anywhere. I am trying to use XEP-0198: Stream Management. It is available on the server side. On iOS, I have robbiehanson/XMPPFramework pod so I think I am "ready to go". The question is, am I ready to go or do I need to download another pod to use XEP-0198? Do XEPs just "work" if use the right delegates or are they things I need to download as extra files?

  2. iOSDev

    (I already got the XMPP oraily guide and I'm waiting for it to arrive, I also read the wiki, and glossed over the RFC)

  3. iOSDev

    I created the XMPPStreamManagement object and gave it my stream but xmppStreamManagement() is never called (or any of the other XMPPStreamDelegate methods)

  4. iOSDev

    (answering my own question I believe XEPs are already "installed" since I am able to access the delegate and its methods, so maybe a better questions is why aren't those delegates getting triggered? )