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  260. Sam Whited Are there any scriptable clients that are pretty widely included in distros? Looking for something to run with some integration tests, but trying to avoid installing Perl on the build VM (and sendxmpp is the only thing I know of)
  261. Sam Whited Not "scriptable", just something I can call from the command line, have it log in, and have it try to send a message without jumping through hoops and writing config files.
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  263. Zash Jp from Salut à Toi mayhaps?
  264. moparisthebest Sam Whited, probably not widely included in distros, but what about the python or rust sendxmpp ?
  265. Sam Whited looking at those; thanks.
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  267. Zash I guess you're not looking for GUI/TUI clients? I believe some have some remote control features via dbus.
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  270. Martin Sam Whited: Afaik MCabber has script support. Holger?
  271. Zash Where does the line between scriptable client and library go anyways? :)
  272. Sam Whited Zash: I hadn't thought about it. It would probably be good to avoid that just to avoid having to install tons of extra stuff on the build server, pull in dependencies for dealing with dbus, etc. but it's not off the table.
  273. Sam Whited I'm just struggling to come up with a good way to do integration testing against some server code and make sure that another client can actually log in
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  275. Martin Couldn't you simply do something go-sendxmpp like with your mellium lib and drop the binary?
  276. Zash I guess scansion isn't in all that many distros yet?
  277. Sam Whited Martin: the point is to test other things. If I wrote the client code and the server code I might have misunderstood the spec and my implementations work together but nothing else works with them
  278. Zash Tho it's not quite that
  279. Sam Whited I hadn't seen scansion before; looks nice
  280. DebXWoody https://codeberg.org/DebXWoody/xmppc/src/branch/master/README.md
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  282. Zash It would be pretty cool to start a bunch of GUI clients and have the CI interact with them.... don't you agree MattJ? ;)
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  300. david Hi, i dont know if I am in the right chatroom, if I'm not, sorry. What is the link of that site that gives a phone number to xmpp accounts?
  301. Link Mauve david, JMP.chat?
  302. david Yes, I think that's it
  303. david Thanks
  304. Link Mauve You’re welcome. :)
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  309. ds9 Hi, I am VERY new to XMPP, I am struggling to use it, but am VERY confused on how XMPP works.  I'm not sure this is the correct place for my questions, perhaps someone can tell me where I should be sending these questions to.  I had contacted info@XMMP.org with these questions, that person assured me that this chat room for XMPP developers is the correct place to submit my questions. I will include my questions here so you will know what kinds of things I'm confused about.  Thanks for your help.  My questions:  I'm trying to use XMPP for my messaging on my android device (Conversations), on my desktop computer (Dino), and in a web browser (Movim), depending on the situation I find myself in.  My assumption is that all contacts and messages in all conversations will be synchronized across all those clients and devices, so in all clients on all devices I'll see the same contacts and complete conversations, no matter which client and device was originally used to send or receive a particular message or to set up a contact.  (Is my assumption incorrect?)  1. Are all the contacts and messages in my conversations stored on the server that my XMPP account was created on?   2. If the answer to #1 is "Yes", how long do they exist on that server?  3. If the answer to #1 is "Yes", how do I permanently delete contacts on the server?  How do I permanently delete selected messages within a single conversation from the server?  4. Using a web browser tool like Movim, if I add or delete a contact, are those changes then reflected on the server?   5. Using a web browser tool like Movim, it lets me "retract" a message.  Is that the same as deleting that message on the server?  6. If I use a desktop tool like Dino, do the contacts and conversations it shows exist on the desktop computer's hard drive in addition to existing on the server?  7. Using a desktop tool like Dino, if I delete a contact, is that contact and the associated conversation deleted from the server?  8. Using a desktop tool like Dino, if I delete a contact, is that contact and the associated conversation deleted from the desktop computer's hard drive, or merely no longer displayed in the application?  9. If I use an android app like Conversations, do the contacts and conversations it shows exist on the android device in addition to existing on the server?  10. If I use an android app like Conversations, if I delete a contact and/or a conversation, are that contact and the associated conversation deleted from the server? 11. If I use an android app like Conversations, if I delete a contact and/or a conversation, are that contact and the associated conversation deleted from the android device, or merely no longer displayed in the app?  12. Basically, I'm trying to understand all the places my contacts and messages exist (server, desktop, android); how I can permanently delete them when I want to (which clients will accomplish that), and what kind of synchronization I can expect when I make a change on one device and its client with all other devices and clients and the server.  13. The terminology is also confusing and not explained:  Movim talks about "retracting" messages; Conversations talks about "clearing messages"; are those doing the same thing?  Are they deleting messages or something else?
  310. Link Mauve ds9, contacts are stored on the server, no matter which client you use to add, change or remove a contact, this should reflect in every other client you’re using instantly.
  311. Link Mauve As for messages, it depends on your server’s configuration.
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  313. Link Mauve Note that deleting a message after it’s been sent is a pipe dream ourside of a controller environment, if your contact or a server received the message they can make a backup of it, or plain refuse to remove it.
  314. Link Mauve Note that deleting a message after it’s been sent is a pipe dream ourside of a controlled environment, if your contact or a server received the message they can make a backup of it, or plain refuse to remove it.
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  316. Link Mauve This is true of any system.
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  318. lovetox ds9, most of your questions are client specific
  319. lovetox means you have to ask the developers how they implemented this
  320. lovetox if a client stores something on the hard drive or not, depends on the developer of the client
  321. lovetox has nothing to do in general with xmpp
  322. lovetox but in general you can say, contacts are stored on the server, and are synchronised to all clients, so if you delete a contact it will be removed everywhere
  323. lovetox this does not mean the messages and conversations of that contact are removed
  324. lovetox at the moment almost no client gives you any way to remove a message from the server
  325. lovetox so if you dont control the server, you have no way of deleting messages, other than contacting the admin
  326. Zash how long messages are stored on the server depends on server configuration
  327. lovetox of course almost all clients give you the choice to remove messages from your own harddrive
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  329. Zash whether to honor a rectraction request and actually delete messages on the server is also up to the server, but this feature is new and probably not widely implemented yet
  330. lovetox and its not suited for retracting whole conversations
  331. lovetox its meant for single messages
  332. lovetox about the terminology
  333. lovetox Retracting means, the client sends a request to the server an contact to delete the message
  334. lovetox if this request is honored is out of your control
  335. lovetox Clearing Messages, you have to ask the C developer
  336. lovetox but i guess it means to delete messages from your phone
  337. lovetox there is no standard or method to delete messages from a server
  338. lovetox so assume all other terminology always means, delete from your harddrive
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  340. Martin lovetox: OT: Borderlands?
  341. ds9 Link Mauve, lovetox, and Zash, thank you all very much for the assistance. This helps me to better understand what is going on.
  342. lovetox iam not understanding the question Martin
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  344. Martin The robot in your avatar looks like the robot from that game. 😃
  345. Martin Or is it an r2d2?
  346. wurstsalat Martin: that's definitively not Claptrap
  347. lovetox its r2d2
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  350. Martin Ok
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  353. wurstsalat But it has some nice cell-shading
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