jdev - 2021-01-25

  1. jubalh

    not sure whether this is the right channel. bust stumbled upon this this morning when subscribing to gnome reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/gnome/comments/l4ku3r/gnome_and_matrix/

  2. jubalh

    https://www.reddit.com/r/gnome/comments/l4ku3r/gnome_and_matrix/gkp29px sounds like they have an quite outdated idea about XMPP

  3. jonas’

    as everyone has

  4. jubalh

    Recently talked with some CCC people and was surprised that it is also true for them

  5. jonas’

    I’m not

  6. jonas’

    we don’t have any marketing going on

  7. Ge0rG

    Yeah, everybody associates XMPP with Pidgin and Adium, code bases from a decade ago.

  8. Ge0rG

    And the lack of all the useful modern features like HTTP Upload, Carbons (WTF man!) and MAM

  9. mathieui made a passive-agressive response without insults

  10. jonas’

    s/, code bases/, multi-protocol code bases/

  11. jubalh

    has there ever been written in that regard? to correct that wrong impression? I would like to send it to my CCC friends

  12. jonas’

    > we don’t have any marketing going on

  13. jonas’

    jubalh, but maybe you could link the reply by mathieui in that thread

  14. Ge0rG

    also writing something on whatever personal venue you have and link to that :D

  15. mathieui

    also on that thread it might be useful to comment with the telepathy/empathy history, but I don’t have a good view on that

  16. lovetox

    so how to detect if a jid is a contact or a muc

  17. lovetox

    seems complicated

  18. lovetox

    specially with servers like dino where its not even hosted on a subdomain

  19. lovetox

    i could only treat jids as muc that have a successful disco info

  20. lovetox

    and everything else must be a contact?

  21. lovetox

    depends probably on the error i get back

  22. pep.

    chat@dino.im properly sends a MUC identity, nothing special about it

  23. pep.

    Unless you were planning to differentiate based on the form of the JID which is certainly meh :x

  24. lovetox

    of course it does

  25. lovetox

    but what if you query something that does not exist

  26. lovetox

    if i query only the domain and its a muc service only

  27. lovetox

    i know the jid is a groupchat, one that does not yet exist

  28. lovetox

    or was deleted maybe

  29. lovetox

    i cant do this on dino.im

  30. lovetox

    it could also be a user

  31. lovetox

    which normally also yields a disco info error if the user is not in your roster

  32. lovetox

    its a bit weird that in xmpp there is no way to determine if a jid is actually a account

  33. lovetox

    you need to disco something, and if it yields errors, its like "Ok an error, lets ignore that and treat it like its a user"

  34. Zash

    item-not-found might point to MUC

  35. Zash

    disco#info on the hostpart could provide hints too

  36. Sam Whited

    Oh boy, any time someone says "hints" instead of "you do a simple query or look at the format of something and instantly know without a doubt" I get nervous.

  37. Zash

    Yes, it's a mess, partly because we try to make it hard tell if users exist or not

  38. lovetox

    i would say only because of that

  39. lovetox

    and im really not sure its worth it

  40. Sam Whited

    Oh? I've never heard that and didn't realize that was a reason for not having an "are you a MUC?" query

  41. Zash

    I forget if chat@dino.im is illegal or not

  42. Sam Whited

    That doesn't make sense to me

  43. Zash

    Sam Whited, if that's the question then it's easy.

  44. Zash

    disco#info and look for the muc feature

  45. lovetox

    disco info is the are you a muc query

  46. Sam Whited

    I thought that was the question?

  47. Zash

    disco#info non-existant@someserver. you get an error. what kind of entitiy is it?

  48. lovetox

    yeah it was, that mean everything that is not a muc, is a user

  49. lovetox

    at least in xmpp you have to treat it that way

  50. Sam Whited

    Ah right, that part still seems like a problem.

  51. lovetox

    A User Zash, everything that does not answer with its identity is a user

  52. lovetox

    at least i think thats the best way

  53. pep.

    lovetox, “everything that is not a muc, is a user” except when we start putting other things in the roster? :P

  54. Zash

    Ge0rG: https://keep.imfreedom.org/pidgin/pidgin/rev/e32ab786a04f > And the lack of all the useful modern features like HTTP Upload, Carbons (WTF man!) and MAM