jdev - 2021-01-27

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  116. jubalh I assume no server supports xep-0452 yet?
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  118. Zash There's a plugin for Prosody
  119. jubalh Will check it out, thanks
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  121. mathieui Oh, 452 has been announced yesterday but is not on the website list yet
  122. jonas’ someone needs to kick the website build
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  125. Zash Kick it you say?
  126. Martin Does any client support XEP-0372 references yet?
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  146. jonas’ converse may
  147. Martin Makes sense, as the prosody module for muc mention notifications is written by jcbrand.
  148. mathieui is there bikeshedding left on references or has that ended?
  149. jonas’ I still don’t think that how it maps everything to a URI is a wise move
  150. Kev Possibly not. It’s not immediately clear what would be better, though.
  151. jonas’ I made a proposal back then
  152. jonas’ it was mostly lost in another iteration of the character counting bikeshed though: https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2018-March/034559.html
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  155. Kev I’m not opposed to such a thing. I do think it would be nicer to be able to URI All The Thing.
  156. Kev I accept pragmatism may come before that.
  157. Zash Mmmmmmmm `<message to='xmpp:user@example.net'/>`
  158. Sam Whited It's not a fucking bike shed. The stupid way in which you're counting characters is entirely screwing me over while it's trivial to do it the other way
  159. jonas’ Sam Whited, your stupid way of character counting would be entirely screwing me over, while it’s trivial the other way!!! (for me)
  160. Sam Whited It's not, I implemented it in python and Go both ways.
  161. Sam Whited But you constantly ignore my examples while demanding that I produce more examples and never producing any of your own. I'm sick of this community wielding the burden of proof as a weapon.
  162. Sam Whited (I don't mean "you" personally, I don't remember who all in that massive thread it was, FWIW)
  163. Sam Whited Anyways, done now, I don't know why I bother. We do all the same mistakes over and over again and just insist that it's fine.
  164. Zash I don't like the tone here.
  165. Sam Whited Yah, sorry, I need to leave this channel. Between this and DOAP I'm fucking furious and that's not okay in a public place, sorry.
  166. jonas’ sorry, I was trying to be ironic
  167. jonas’ (symbolised by a lot of `!`)
  168. stpeter hmm
  169. pep. I'm happy I haven't been following standards threads lately
  170. flow irony often doesn't work in text chats. it appears that counting codepoints is a middle ground and has consensus. I am still not convinced that counting grapheme clusters is necessarily wrong, since there is a least one programming language with build in support for this.
  171. jonas’ > irony often doesn't work in text chats. let’s bikeshed a protocol for that </i>
  172. pep. I'd use <p> for Poe, and insides include things like <i> for irony, <s> for sarcasm, etc. This way we could get to things like <p><s><i>Are you sure?</s></i></p>
  173. flow but since sometimes (often?) len_codepoints(input) == len_grapheme_clusters(input), I can settle with codepoints (or "starting" with codepoints ;))
  174. Zash XEP-0014
  175. flow seems like the bikeshed was already done
  176. pep. Zash, ITYM 007^W^Wnvm :-°
  177. jonas’ Rejected though, flow
  178. flow pep., the key is to stay calm
  179. flow which is actually a good advice in any situation
  180. flow (even though, it is sometimes not easy)
  181. flow but getting emotional in a discussion is typically counter productive
  182. Kev flow: Fuck that. ;)
  183. Zash I miss Summit
  184. jonas’ yes.
  185. jonas’ Summit would’ve been great, especially after this straining year
  186. Zash Much too easy to get upset at a bunch of text on a screen than AFK faces.
  187. Kev I'm hoping someone's going to announce a remote summit, but I don't have the cycles to put into arranging one, so I'm not making noise about it.
  188. Kev Oh, I guess it would have been tomorrow and Friday if it was happening wouldn't it. Nevermind :)
  189. flow Kev, yep, sometimes that is tempting to write…
  190. flow misses summit too
  191. Zash Kev, why yes, the bystander effect working group will take care of it!
  192. flow I'd really like to hear some short presentations from every active xmpp project about what they are currently doing and did in the last eyar
  193. Kev Well, Summit's usually a Board-led thing, not just 'someone' :)
  194. jonas’ SCAM I thought?
  195. Kev It's been Board in the past.
  196. Kev Maybe they've delegated to SCAM (but if they delegated, it's still a Board thing).
  197. pep. I feel that lately board has just been a routing utility to working groups
  198. Zash That's a valid thing for a board to do.
  199. Kev pep.: I think that's fine. Board doesn't have to do work, just set direction and ensure that work is done.
  200. flow well if there is a SCAM team, then it appears sensible to delgate it to them, no?
  201. Zash flow, but *is there* a SCAM team?
  202. flow good question
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