jdev - 2021-02-03

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  31. defanor

    I've successfully tried XEP-0257/SASL EXTERNAL with Prosody's mod_auth_ccert and rexmpp a few months ago, though it's unfortunate that it doesn't seem to be usable along with other authentication methods in Prosody: either all the users have to use it, or none can.

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  40. defanor

    FWIW, I'm also trying to keep track of some of the implementations supporting it, and there were the following ones: Prosody, Conversations, Gajim/nbxmpp (apparently should be removed now), gloox, Swift/Swiften, SleekXMPP/slixmpp.

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  52. mathieui

    defanor, are you sure we can’t use anything else in prosody? I don’t remember this

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  55. defanor

    mathieui, mod_auth_ccert is an authentication provider (see <https://prosody.im/doc/authentication>), and AIUI only one provider can be used for a domain at a time in Prosody. Though I guess it should be possible to write a provider combining multiple other providers.

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  158. man

    what is the safest xmpp server?

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  162. Sam

    “You tell me what a sandwich is and then I’ll tell you if a hot dog is a sandwich.”

  163. Sam

    (in other words, define "safest")

  164. Zash

    Oh, is it time to recite the "security is undefined without a defined threat model" rant?

  165. Sam

    Zash: I'm tired of giving it, it's your turn :)

  166. Zash

    Nah, busy.

  167. Sam

    Fair enough

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  169. moparisthebest

    the safest xmpp server would be one that you didn't run, see what I did there? absolutely unhackable

  170. moparisthebest

    but he left so I can't give him a real answer, oh well

  171. Sam

    Yah, I guess I should try to provide some options instead of being trite since people ask and then leave quickly frequently for some reasons

  172. Zash

    You didn't answer within seconds? Terrible performance, you're all fired from on-call support.

  173. moparisthebest

    I still get the same amount of pay though right?

  174. Sam

    moparisthebest: in fact, you get a 200% raise!

  175. Sam

    Congrats on your new XSF salary level!

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  185. stpeter


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  189. Zash

    stpeter! congrats on your fancy title.

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  191. stpeter

    Thanks, Zash! You're doing such a great job, please take the rest of the day off with full pay!

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