jdev - 2021-02-05

  1. junaid

    maybe a silly question but what's the quickest way to nuke all OMEMO keys off an account? i want to an uber-clean conversations install and don't want to see old/rejected keys anywhere in the interface. gajim will nuke all except its own. i'm sure took a super simple route last time i needed to do this. script? app? any suggestions?

  2. Zash

    Don't Conversations have a button for that?

  3. MattJ

    iirc it does

  4. junaid

    yes! initially, i used the 'clear devices' under account but this still showed the old fingerprints. Using 'Delete OMEMO identities' under 'Settings -> Expert settings' afterwards leaves me exactly where i wanted. thanks gents!

  5. Sam Whited

    cross posting here: I am trying to prove a point that "on github"&(popularity|trendy tech) ≠ robust community. To that end would people be willing to star https://github.com/mellium/xmpp if you're on github? I will get no benefit from this, I just want to email them and be able to say "see, my project where I'm the only contributor has as many stars as a project you accepted that has an actual robust community". It seems self serving I know, but I am not advertising this because it's a terrible metric, just trying to prove a point.

  6. Zash

    Sam Whited, I did, but I expect a share in the profits now! 😛

  7. Sam Whited

    Zash: I'll forward you 100% of what I made on this software in the last year.

  8. Sam Whited

    Just send me your bank account details and mothers maiden name.

  9. moparisthebest

    same, also I contributed my star under the AGPLv3 so you know what you have to do ;)

  10. Sam Whited

    Hah, fine, I hereby change all my stars to the AGPLv3 too

  11. Martin

    Not mine, as I starred before you started begging for them… 🤪

  12. Sam Whited

    Martin: I promise it's really just to prove a point, I will never advertise number of stars :)

  13. Martin

    But stars might be no proof of quality but even when used as bookmark it shows people think this is something interesting they want to be able to find again.

  14. Zash

    inb4 Sam gets a promotion for having more github stars

  15. Sam Whited

    Martin: exactly

  16. Martin

    Zash: He'll become a github star?

  17. Sam Whited

    Zash: more likely I am going to get fired when work realizes I spend half my day getting distracted and thinking about XMPP things that have nothing to do with <dayjob>

  18. Martin

    Maybe githubers are the new youtubers?

  19. jubalh


  20. Stefan


  21. Link Mauve

    Sam Whited, here, get my first GitHub star ever, since I started using this service in 2014. :p

  22. Link Mauve

    Sam Whited, how many do you want to reach?

  23. Sam Whited

    Link Mauve: 100 (their number) ideally, but if I can just say "here's another project with more community but fewer stars that's good enough

  24. Zash


  25. Zash

    Unless you count that unofficial mirror

  26. Zash

    ... with 481 stars