jdev - 2021-02-08

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  130. debacle Kev Will you ever revive the Debian package of swift-im? :-) That would be so nice!
  131. debacle Last appearance was in Debian 8, I believe.
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  134. Kev I don’t know, honestly. Last time I tried to update it the list of things I needed to do to satisfy the DD (I think that’s the rigt term) was pretty significant and I couldn’t spare the time to do it.
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  155. Sam Whited Someone recently mentioned some docs on JIDs that I'd written for Stack Overflow Documentation. Since that's no longer available I threw it up as a blog post with the original diagrams and some minor improvements in case anyone is interested: https://blog.samwhited.com/2021/02/xmpp-addresses/
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  157. defanor I wasn't sure what to make of RFC 7622 referencing now-obsolete PRECIS RFCs, I see you're just using its newer/updated version. Does it not lead to any confusion, possibly with implementations not agreeing on details?
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  159. Sam Whited I haven't seen any issues in practice, but I'm not sure. I suspect it would be easy enough to run through all the codepoints and flag any that might cause problems and change what version you're using based on them or something if it ever came up though
  160. Sam Whited I think most people are still using old versions of the JID spec that use stringprep, so different versions of PRECIS are probably less of a concern than that
  161. Zash what obsolete PRECIS RFCs??
  162. Kev AFAICS, the reason mixing unicode versions and stringprep/precis isn’t causing issues is because people aren’t using the affected characters, and if they were everything would break horribly.
  163. Kev (+ in JIDs)
  164. Sam Whited Zash: 7564 vs 8264
  165. Zash Prosody has barely moved from IDNA 2003 to IDNA 2008 yet. Halp.
  166. Zash (yes, STRINGPREP everything else)
  167. Zash defanor, presumably it wasn't obsolete when it was published, and RFCs are set in stone and can never change.
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  170. Zash Kev, either people aren't using affected characters or things work in extremely liberal modes where undefined characters are allowed.
  171. Zash I know the later is how Prosody works, because of hysterical raisins.
  172. Sam Whited For the most part in my experience it works well enough if you stick to characters from your languaes alphabet, syllabary, etc. so even if technically there are issues with weird stuff like chess figures and roman numerals and the like it still works better overall than what most systems do ("restrit to U.S. ASCII only")
  173. flow defanor, also, the updated PRECIS RFC did not change that much: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8264#appendix-A
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  183. Ge0rG Feb 07 05:45:26 c2s55cc6eff8230 debug Presence from ***@yax.im/converse.js-122012939 with SHA-1 caps https://conversejs.org#PxXfr6uz8ClMWIga0OB/MhKNH/M=, querying disco#info Does anyone happen to have the original disco info to that hash?
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  185. Sam Whited Welp, XMPP has ruined me. Phone just fell apart (literally, the screen fell off) and I was thinking about switching to something other than Android but realized that I can't because nothing else on other mobile OS's I've tried works half as well as Conversations. Even though all android phones I can find that are reasonably priced don't look great to me right now.
  186. Zash The front fell off?
  187. Zash Apple or Android? Apple or Microsoft? Wow, so many choices!
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  190. Sam Whited Zash: yah, the screen popped out of the bezel. It's now hanging on by the ribbon cable (still works great, but I think this means I should start shopping)
  191. Zash I like my Jolla, but a recent C update finally broke compat, so now I'm stuck on that last version.
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  198. lovetox using chess figures in jids is really a first world problem
  199. lovetox i often have the feeling people forget what the chat application was meant to do
  200. lovetox now they are bored and try stupid stuff
  201. Zash 🤖️
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