jdev - 2021-02-11

  1. lovetox

    does this make sense

  2. lovetox


  3. lovetox

    and how should i react to that

  4. Zash

    I'm thinking a sigh is the appropriate reaction.

  5. lovetox

    i mean providing a url in the instruction and leaving out of the dedicated <url> tag is ...

  6. lovetox

    what could be reasons that i receive a presence type=error from a roster contact?

  7. Zash

    s2s issue for example, probably a bunch of others

  8. lovetox

    so should i treat it as unavailable?

  9. Kev

    It’s more ‘unknown’, but that’s not the same as available, so probably essentially unavailable.

  10. lovetox

    ok but what happens when s2s gets back online or something

  11. lovetox

    is the type updated

  12. lovetox

    or does it just stay forever on error, until the other party actively sends something else

  13. Zash

    As a client, yeah, I think you should just wait until they send something other than error

  14. Kev

    When you’ll get the ‘not an error’ depends heavily on what your server does. Whether it does periodic probing or whatever.

  15. lovetox

    ok, so i guess i treat is as unavailable for now

  16. Kev

    I think that is not stupid.

  17. lovetox

    thats good, i dont want to do stupid things

  18. Kev

    Well, quite, that’s my job.