jdev - 2021-02-21

  1. Deep

    How fast ?

  2. Deep

    Checking XMPP

  3. lovetox

    is there a way for the server marking a pubsub node as read-only?

  4. flow

    lovetox, I am not aware of such a marking (but it's pubsub, so it may be somewhere). May I ask what an entity would do with that information, e.g. how it would influence an entities behavior?

  5. lovetox

    say you have a server connected to ldap

  6. lovetox

    the server provides vcards with information filled by ldap

  7. lovetox

    now as a client you show that vcard, but you cant show the user that he is not able to edit that vcard

  8. Zash

    Is there anything like that anywhere else?

  9. Zash

    Mostly I think we return an error when you try

  10. lovetox

    i mean it would probably trivial to hack something together that shows that to the client

  11. lovetox

    just add a custom attribute to the vcard

  12. lovetox

    that says LDAP, or Read-only

  13. lovetox


  14. flow

    hmm I wonder if it would be sensible to have an is-this-pubsub-node-modifiable-by-me IQ query

  15. flow

    not sure if a server could mark a node as such

  16. flow

    which would be preferable, of course

  17. flow

    hmm, but can't you query the node settings and see if you can modify it?

  18. lovetox

    flow there is no setting that would forbid me to modify my account pubsub node

  19. lovetox

    as account, i have full publishing permissions on anything

  20. flow

    lovetox, I would imagine that a service would not allow you to modify a read-only pubsub node (e.g. like a synthesized vcard from ldap, as per your example)

  21. flow

    so maybe a service could set the access model to whitelist, with the list being empty

  22. Zash

    surely in such a deployment, not having write access would be fine

  23. flow

    ahh wait, "access model" seems to be about notification access, not push access

  24. lovetox

    flow, i never queried the whitelist

  25. lovetox

    but i imagin it is always empty

  26. lovetox

    yeah anyway

  27. flow

    Zash, sure, the question was how a client becomes aware of this. without the client presenting a user a nice dialog where he can modify the node, only to be annoyed to learn that he is not allowed to modify it

  28. Zash

    Some kind of "who am I to you" query would be nice.

  29. Zash

    Hm, do current PEP implementations do https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html#entity-affiliations ?

  30. lovetox

    how would that help Zash?

  31. Zash

    could tell you whether you're _not_ the owner of some node, or otherwise don't have an affiliation that gives publishing rights

  32. lovetox


  33. lovetox

    then i would do this query

  34. lovetox


  35. lovetox

    and see that im for example only member

  36. lovetox

    hm but can a member retrive the affiliations ^

  37. lovetox

    hm but can a member retrive the affiliations ^^

  38. Zash

    Confusingly there are two <affiliations/> queries, a normal one and an #owner one.

  39. lovetox

    no the one you pointed to gives all the affiliations a service offers

  40. Zash

    The former lets you query a pubsub service for your own affiliations (for all nodes on the service)

  41. lovetox


  42. lovetox


  43. lovetox

    i understand

  44. lovetox

    ok i guess this solves the problem thanks

  45. Zash

    probably as close as we get without inventing some new feature, yeah