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  129. defanor XEP-0373 recommends to use opportunistic encryption, particularly to make it usable transparently to a user. Which sounds like a good idea, but I don't think I've ever observed it working smoothly for asynchronous messaging (and not sure if it's possible): apparently it's fairly easy to run into a situation in which a user connects with a client supporting a given extension/protocol (e.g., OpenPGP or OMEMO) and uploading the keys, then
  130. defanor either abandons it or just uses others along with it, but the keys are there and the incoming messages would be encrypted occasionally. At which point a casual user becomes confused, even if a client allows to remove the keys (or the client on the other side allows to disable encryption), and they have to learn about all that in order to transmit messages successfully. Are there any known good/working solutions?
  131. mathieui Not doing opportunistic encryption unless asked
  132. mathieui otherwise it’s a shitshow, and I have been hit dozens of times by this
  133. mathieui You can be safe as long everybody uses OX/OMEMO-supporting clients
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  135. mathieui (the incentive here is to recommend only those clients to non-technical people)
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  137. defanor nods.
  138. mathieui (bonus points for clients randomly disabling omemo keys from other clients because they seem to be "inactive", increating the encountered issues)
  139. mathieui (bonus points for clients randomly disabling omemo keys from other clients because they seem to be "inactive", increasing the encountered issues)
  140. jubalh suffered from this just recently..
  141. jubalh and was super surprised what is going on
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  144. Martin Gajim or conv?
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  161. sanjeet Hi team, I was implement xmpp client in my react native app for group messaging. I am using mongooseIM for backend. Group chat is enabled via MUC extension. I am not able to send/receive the message by using XMPP js library. Is there any plugin build for MUC group chat similar to that of stanza.js (https://github.com/legastero/stanza) for react native.
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  163. sanjeet Hi team, I was implement xmpp client in my react native app for group messaging. I am using mongooseIM for backend. Group chat is enabled via MUC extension. I am not able to send/receive the message by using XMPP js library (https://github.com/xmppjs/xmpp.js). Is there any plugin build for MUC group chat similar to that of stanza.js (https://github.com/legastero/stanza) for react native.
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  278. XMPP JITSI I am looking for developer who have extensive experience in XMPP. Who can you help me?
  279. Zash Perhaps you are looking for https://xmpp.work/all-listings/ ?
  280. Zash Or you could try describing what you're after in more details. Keep in mind that people may be asleep or doing other things.
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