jdev - 2021-03-18

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  66. jubalh I didn't know about EME
  67. jubalh Seems like a nice thing to know in advance which encryption type is used. I remember that we have quite some ugly code there, not setting this right when we get the stanza in all cases. But only discovering it later because _ (forgot the reason). Probalby was only discoverable later on.
  68. jubalh Would love to rewrite this to just check right at the beginning. But I guess I can't rely on clients using EME?
  69. jubalh lovetox: are you sure that many implement it?
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  77. defanor Since EME is not required by the core protocol, it indeed sounds like a bad idea to rely on it (especially when not necessary), even if many do implement it.
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  86. Zash You should probably look for the encryption methods you support first, then if you find nothing you understand, then you can check for EME and tell the user that the message is encrypted with some unknown method.
  87. Zash Show the <body>, if any, too. But an EME thing lets you apply i18n and such.
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  94. jubalh Yep, I'm planning to rewrite it like that :)
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  101. Link Mauve defanor, each encryption method should recommend to include it.
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  111. defanor Link Mauve, that'd be a sensible recommendation, yet reliance on it still sounds bad, if it's for anything important. For instance, if a client would only decrypt messages if they contain an EME element: that'd lead to message loss when it shouldn't happen. Though maybe that's not what was meant above.
  112. Link Mauve defanor, that’s not what EME is for.
  113. Link Mauve It’s only there for the case where you don’t have any other hint that the message is encrypted.
  114. defanor Perhaps I've misinterpreted the intention then.
  115. Link Mauve So that for instance when clients will start migrating to omemo:1, clients from today would notify the user that they can’t decrypt these messages they receive.
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  118. Link Mauve Or if you get OTR messages carbon’d and your client removed support for that.
  119. Link Mauve Basically, for backwards and forward compatibility.
  120. Link Mauve If you can decrypt a message, you know about the mechanism and don’t need EME.
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  128. jubalh it still would be nice to know right from the start how to try to decrypt it
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  132. Sam Hi all, if you're interested in attending any of the office hours / hangouts, please remember to fill out the availability survey (no need to put your name if you don't want to)! https://whenisgood.net/kr97tfy
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  134. mathieui jubalh, except with OTR, you usually do as you have a specific elemetn for that
  135. Ge0rG Sam: For a brief moment, I thought this was another case of automated MUC spam... :D
  136. Sam oops, sorry
  137. Ge0rG Maybe I just get triggered too easily
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  139. Sam I don't think MUC spam is something I've seen much of, but I'm that way with emails and stuff all the time. Any time I get something that has a wiff of that spammy writing I have that gut instinct to mark it as spam before I realize it's somebody I asked to email me or something.
  140. Ge0rG Heh.
  141. Ge0rG Sam: there were maybe two or three MUC spam incidents so far this year
  142. Sam Speaking of spam, I should prepare an email reminding everyone to go to Daniel's talk tomorrow :)
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  144. Ge0rG Sam: half of the office hours time slots have passed already. Does it make sense to also populate the first days in anticipation of a weekly recurring event?
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  147. Sam Ge0rG: sorry, I should have been clear, this is weekly, it just won't let me remove the dates. Ignore everything but the day.
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  153. flow Sam, when and where is daniels talk tomorrow?
  154. flow Sam, when and where is daniel's talk tomorrow?
  155. Sam flow: see https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_Office_Hours
  156. Sam I've asked in the comm room for it to be put out on Mastodon, but if anyone here has access to Twitter it would be good to put it out there too.
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