jdev - 2021-03-20

  1. lovetox

    just to double check

  2. lovetox

    if a contact in my roster has subscription "from" or "both"

  3. lovetox

    that means it should be save to send privacy related data to them

  4. lovetox

    because that means i share my presence with them

  5. flow

    lovetox, i wouldn't say that this automatically means that you can send privacy related data to them, but hit implies a certain degree of trust

  6. flow

    lovetox, e.g. Smack has an extra convenience method isSubscribedToMyPresence() that is used in some places e.g. to decide if delivery receipts should be sent

  7. flow


  8. lovetox

    yes thats what i do

  9. lovetox

    and i always confuse "to" and "from"

  10. flow

    yep, that's why the method is named isSubscribedToMyPresence() ;)

  11. raghavgururajan

    Packaged Psi+ as well in Guix. (https://guix.gnu.org/en/packages/psi-plus-1.5.1482/) \o/