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  266. Sam I have a friend who wants to host some code but doesn't want to use GitLab, GitHub, or Sourcehut for various reasons. Anyone know of other git hosting providers that are free? Slightly off topic, but it seems like something this group would know about.
  267. Sam I vaguely remember bookmarking a gitea instance that allowed public registration a while ago, but now I can't find any.
  268. Zash But also doesn't want to self-host?
  269. Sam yah, he's looking for a code forge type site
  270. Zash https://codeberg.org/ mayhaps
  271. moparisthebest ooh too slow
  272. Sam oooh, I think that's what I was thiking of, thanks!
  273. moparisthebest but yea should just host your own
  274. Sam No, that would be a waste of time and energy and I'm not a sysadmin/ops type so I'd end up just fucking up and erasing all my data. That's my reason anyways, and I'm 90% sure his reason too.
  275. Sam And probably cost more because I'd have to have some sort of hardware / VM to host on.
  276. Zash Hardware costs are negligible next to the time cost, if you value your time.
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  278. moparisthebest well, could happen to codeberg too, good luck :)
  279. Sam That's true, time is the big one.
  280. Zash But can you put a price on FREEDOM? Especially the freedom from being annoyed by problems caused by a 3rd party while being powerless to fix those problems.
  281. moparisthebest yes, that's the big one :)
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  283. Sam That's not likely to be a thing that annoys me. My server crashing and me not knowing about it and then having to go do work when I want to just be pushing code is.
  284. Sam At least, not enough to matter. I mean, if GitHub does it it's annoying, if a thing where I can at least have input (like gitea or whatever they're using which is open source, or their business which appears to have bylaws that would allow for user input, etc.) does it then I'm sad I didn't get my way probably, but I'd rather work together with people that know what they're doing than waste my time trying to debug why a thing that's not my software isn't working.
  285. moparisthebest I find I spend less time running everything myself than I did fixing my integrations with stuff other people run when they change it
  286. Sam Maybe, but this is just a place to throw up some code so that doesn't apply.
  287. Sam Having done both though, that is exactly the opposite of my experience.
  288. moparisthebest then you'll want CI builds and the integration work starts... :)
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  290. Sam That's a fair one, I don't know how CI works on gitea. It's a well enough established project though that I doubt they'll randomly break anything. And if they did, it would break whether I was hosting it or no, so it's *definitely* better not to self host because that's even more crap I have to maintain and it still breaks the same way.
  291. Sam I dunno what to tell you, I did it for a long time, and it was a waste of time and energy. Never again.
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  293. Zash Webhooks I think
  294. moparisthebest gitea doesn't have CI at all, not sure if codeberg offers it yet
  295. moparisthebest I've tied my own jenkins into my own gitea
  296. Zash Right, so you hook it up with something via webhooks 🙂
  297. moparisthebest yep, jenkins has a gitea plugin, I'm assuming others do too
  298. Sam Looks like there are a few: https://gitea.com/gitea/awesome-gitea#devops
  299. moparisthebest this is what I used to replace travis-ci + appveyor https://github.com/moparisthebest/self-ci results in https://ci.moparisthe.best/job/moparisthebest/lastBuild.html
  300. moparisthebest and, people who put jenkins (or maybe CI in general) on the open internet are crazy, so that's just a static mirror that gets updated after builds finish :)
  301. defanor SourceForge and Bitbucket are two more somewhat common options. Both are awkward, IMO, but may work, depending on what they didn't like in GitHub, GitLab, and Sourcehut.
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  303. Zash Oh right, bitbucket just killed the hg parts. I keep forgetting that they exist since then.
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  305. Sam Oh yah, i forgot, they specifically said they don't trust Atlassian to run anything either, so I guess Bitbucket is what they meant (and that's out). Forgot about SourceForge though, I know it's a bit of a joke, but I did hear it got sold so mayber it's not terrible anymore? I dunno, might as well suggest it. Thanks
  306. moparisthebest still has as many (or more) ads than ever though
  307. defanor Indeed, it seemed like hg is the primary reason to use them among FLOSS projects. But probably not for commercial customers.
  308. moparisthebest https://kallithea-scm.org/ supports HG and git but I don't know of any public ones
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  310. Sam Huh, TIL, I'll be curious to see if this one is any good
  311. moparisthebest if you remember rhodecode, it went evil and kallithea was forked from it
  312. Sam I don't think I've ever heard of that one
  313. Sam oof, though at first glance I don't personally love the UI. That's a lot of clutter and confusion, I'm instantly tense just looking at it
  314. Sam But that sort of thing is pretty easy to get used to, even if it's not ideal.
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