jdev - 2021-03-25

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  116. Sam Someone in here was talking about how they wanted other clients to implement adhoc commands recently. Would whomever that was be willing to do a demo of adhoc commands using whatever client you choose that supports them and talk about them for a few minutes in 2 weeks time for the office hours?
  117. Sam If it's something you think other clients should implement, this might be a good way to showcase them and try to get client authors onboard
  118. Sam Not a full presentation, just a screen share / demo and you can talk off the top of your head about why you like them or the UX or something.
  119. Kev Psi does, BTW.
  120. Kev Or did.
  121. Kev (Swift does, but not to arbitrary JIDs)
  122. jubalh i think profanity does too, but no multistep adhocs yet
  123. Ge0rG poezio does too, maybe with a plugin that needs to be loaded first(?)
  124. Sam One of you should consider giving a demo of that :)
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  126. Zash Not sure if it's only in my personal fork but `clix adhoc` is a thing as well.
  127. Zash And mod_rest can do ad-hoc!
  128. mathieui Ge0rG, afaik /adhoc handles multi-step just fine
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  130. Zash Converse.js also gained ad-hoc support not too long ago.
  131. Zash And there's that ancient dusty mod_admin_web for Prosody which is essentially an ad-hoc-only client.
  132. Link Mauve Ge0rG, no plugin needed.
  133. Link Mauve Pidgin has a great UI for it, integrated into the window menu.
  134. mathieui screenshots Link Mauve saying "pidgin has a great UI"
  135. Link Mauve D:
  136. Zash Frame it
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  196. lovetox The change that caused the most issue reports in the last major version of gajim was to not allow to ignore cert errors other than self signed and expired
  197. lovetox it seems alot of servers beeing setup where the common name does not match the domain
  198. lovetox and server admins are fine with that and tell users to ignore the error
  199. Kev Well, it *is* fine if e.g. it’s your own server. The difference between it being issued for one domain you own, and another domain you own is negligible. I realise that’s an edge case.
  200. Zash Could it possibly be related to how Prosody users are often confused about whether the cert should match the domainpart or the hostname (SRV target).
  201. Zash Could it possibly be related to how Prosody users are often confused about whether the cert should match the domainpart or the hostname (SRV target)?
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  203. lovetox last cert had as common name "localhost"
  204. lovetox domain was xxx.aws.com
  205. Zash 😑️
  206. lovetox Kev maybe my knowledge about certs is not good, but how would a client know if the domain in the common name is also owned by the same person as the url?
  207. Zash You can't know that without already knowing it because you configured the service.
  208. Zash There's some ways to add indirection for certificates tho, like DANE, POSH, or that DNSSEC thing where you consider the SRV target name an acceptable identifier
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  210. Kev If it’s my service, I’ll just know.
  211. Kev It’s not a generally applicable thing.
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