jdev - 2021-03-31

  1. Martin

    Mar 31 16:34:00 s2sin5569b2e6e8f0 debug RECV: <iq id='keepalive' from='blastersklan.com' xml:lang='en' to='chat .mdosch.de' type='get'><ping xmlns='urn:xmpp:ping'/></iq> Mar 31 16:34:00 s2sin5569b2e6e8f0 debug Received[s2sin]: <iq id='keepalive' from='blastersklan.com' type='get' xml:lang='en' to='chat.mdosch.de'>

  2. Martin

    What server is doing this? And shouldn't they use other IDs instead of "keepalive" every time?

  3. Zash

    Martin, https://hg.prosody.im/prosody-modules/rev/c4002aae4ad3

  4. Kev

    Martin: Should, yes, it’s technically illegal. But unlikely to cause real harm I’d have thought.

  5. Martin

    Thank you both.

  6. Kev

    Ah. Although Zash’s link suggest it does cause real harm. There we go :)

  7. Martin

    > guesstimate 😍

  8. Sam

    Reminder that XMPP Office Hours this week are today, not Friday! "Soprani.ca: bridging us all together" by Stephen Paul Weber (singpolyma) on Wednesday, 31st March 17:00 UTC

  9. Sam

    Office Hours for this week (about jmp.chat) is starting now! https://socialcoop.meet.coop/sam-pku-dud-niv