jdev - 2021-04-12

  1. lovetox

    pep., writing code is kind of my hobby, so ..

  2. Sam

    Reminder: Office hours are tomorrow (13th April) at 1600 UTC. This week is a round table discussion "Towards XMPP 2.0" https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_Office_Hours

  3. Zash

    Is anyone aware of any XMPP software that would be upset by the XML declaration `<?xml?>` being left out?

  4. Kev

    I’m not *aware* of any, but that’s not proof of the negative.

  5. Zash

    Background: A tweak in write scheduling that causes the xml declaration to be sent out in its own packet which breaks some older versions of Gajim. I'm wondering if we could just not send it.

  6. Sam

    I thought I wasn't sending it, but apparently I added it at some point. I don't remember doing so because of some other client or server having a bug, but it does seem odd that I added it so I wonder…

  7. jonas’

    git blame?

  8. Zash

    Reminder that including the reasoning for the change in the commit message is hugely appreciated by your future self.

  9. Sam

    Indeed; this is why I provide commit message writing guidance in all my "new contributor" documents or what not

  10. jonas’

    I throw https://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/ at people

  11. Sam

    This is also one of the things I hate about GitHub and the various things that rip it off directly (GitLab, Gittea, etc.). There's no way in a code review to actually review the commit message (I mean "easily", obviously you can always leave a comment, but not inline or conveniently like the code)

  12. Kev

    jonas’: Quite.

  13. lovetox

    is the 3 backticks formatting ``` only for code snippets usually?

  14. lovetox

    or are there other uses for that?

  15. Zash

    ``` _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _| |__ _ _ _ __ ___ | |_ / _(_) __ _| | ___| |_ \ \ /\ / / '_ \| | | | | '_ \ / _ \| __| | |_| |/ _` | |/ _ \ __| \ V V /| | | | |_| | | | | | (_) | |_ | _| | (_| | | __/ |_ \_/\_/ |_| |_|\__, | |_| |_|\___/ \__| |_| |_|\__, |_|\___|\__| |___/ |___/ ```

  16. lovetox

    nice Zash

  17. lovetox

    i wonder if i should stick the whole block into some box and write Code Snippet above, maybe with the language name

  18. lovetox

    and i wonder if this is maybe then weird if people use it for something totally different

  19. Zash

    Just Snippet maybe?

  20. Zash

    ```lua local function foo() return bar end ``` Showing that as "Lua Snippet" might be nice tho, especially with syntax highlighting

  21. Zash

    Oh, wishlist: If it's *huge*, stick some scrollbars or "click to expand" thing on it

  22. Sam

    lovetox: at least in 0393 they're just pre-formatted text (so monospace but otherwise unstructured). If the client wants to read the info string and if it looks like a language try to syntax highlight it though, it won't break anything.

  23. Sam

    +1 to what Zash said about scrollbars or click to expand, that bugs me a lot and I always wish clients would do it.

  24. Zash

    I'm also wondering if at some point (in size of the code snippet you share) you might wanna share it via file transfer / http upload, but still show it inline

  25. lovetox

    yeah but huge is not a snippet

  26. lovetox

    and xmpp client is not a code editor ..

  27. moparisthebest

    Challenge accepted

  28. lovetox


  29. lovetox

    but yeah scrollbar seems to be a good idea

  30. lovetox

    and maybe a button "open in editor"

  31. Zash

    and maybe copy to clipboard

  32. Zash

    maybe save as too, but you could do that from an editor...

  33. Zash

    moparisthebest, chat client built into editor? copypaste directly into conversation? hmm

  34. Zash

    pair programming something something

  35. pulkomandy

    > yeah but huge is not a snippet > and xmpp client is not a code editor .. Well, actually… https://www.saros-project.org/

  36. pep.

    I surely hope they don't use 393 in there. (that is, they have a usable wire format)

  37. Sam

    heh, yah, that probably isn't a good use of 393

  38. Sam

    Constant message editing to a 393 document that's just a fenced code block!

  39. moparisthebest

    I imagine a browser programmer said that one day

  40. moparisthebest

    Then... Visual studio code