jdev - 2021-04-13

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  55. sth o/ hi there. I've seen from this blog post (https://blog.jabberhead.tk/2020/03/10/omemo-specification-sprint/) and the OMEMO XEP's history that there was a conscious effort to not refer directly to signal/libsignal but rather to the underlying cryptographic system. Do you know any alternative implementation library of lib signal that could be used for OMEMO? (I'm for now specifically interested in a JS version). Thanks a lot
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  79. flow sth, I'd check out what converse.js jsxc do (IIRC both support OMEMO)
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  141. sth flow from what I saw, they both rely on the libsignal js library
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  143. flow ahh, very likely, yes
  144. edhelas And movim will as well
  145. sth I'm surprised given the popularity of the signal protocol to be unable to find any alternative implementation
  146. Ge0rG sth: maybe it's because moxie explicitly forbids alternative implementations to connect to *the* signal servers or to even advertise as signal
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  148. lovetox sth, to my knowledge only xmpp really uses signal
  149. lovetox xmpp community is not very big :)
  150. Zash in a FOSS setting, maybe
  151. edhelas Let's fork the lib and call it libmosignal
  152. sth Hm, yeah but implementation of the double ratchet and X3DH should interest many
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  154. larma sth, Syndace has an independent python implementation, not aware of independent js implementations
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  156. Syndace I believe com8 might be working on an independent implementation in a language that might be cross-compilable to js
  157. larma everything can be compiled to wasm and all common js runtimes support wasm, so you could just run python wherever you can run js 😀
  158. Syndace There's actually a good chance that my Python library will run on Brython (https://brython.info/) in a few months
  159. sth Ok, interesting, thanks!
  160. sth And also, I'm now sure that I didn't miss an alternative implementation. It looks like the OMEMO XEP is looking for some (in JS and other languages)
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  164. Zacharias Pretorius Good day
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  166. Zacharias Pretorius Hope you are well.. im looking for some advice on interfacing from my own database running on my phone to be able to send messages from my yax.im account to other yax.im accounts
  167. Zacharias Pretorius without using my Monal im client
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  216. appu hi
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  268. lovetox Zacharias Pretorius, i don’t really understand what you are trying to do
  269. lovetox for sending messages you need a client, if you dont want to use monal you have to code your own
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  331. Zacharias Pretorius Is anyone chatting here? I was told I can get some support here?
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  333. moparisthebest as long as it's about xmpp development stuff sure :)
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  335. Zash You can, on a volunteer basis, iff there's someone around who wants to help.
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  345. Zacharias Pretorius Lovetox, thank you for replying.. I wish to integrate my xmpp account into my own custom database… so i would preferable not want to use Monal, yaxim or any other client in this case….
  346. Zacharias Pretorius I want to use it for internal notification in our business program… unless there is a way to have my database connect to a client such as monal im?
  347. moparisthebest Zacharias Pretorius, you can write your own code with any of the available XMPP libraries, or use something like sendxmpp in a script, whatever you want
  348. selurvedu Zacharias Pretorius, ah, so you want to use your yax.im account for sending notifications from your own app, right?
  349. Zash having your _database_ connect? that sounds very strange.
  350. moparisthebest https://github.com/moparisthebest/sendxmpp-rs is one example
  351. Zacharias Pretorius Zash, thank you.. I understand and I have such big appreciation for people developing opensource ! Im learning as im going and might probably get involved as im already designing our own business system in "Filemaker/Claris" … might even consider rebuilding in a opensource system if i can get hold of one that is userfriendly
  352. Zacharias Pretorius My current database in Filemaker can send email via "mail client / smtp"….. in my case i would really like to use xmpp but it does not look like xmpp and other protocols are supported at this moment
  353. Zacharias Pretorius @ moparisthebest: I have never done coding like this before. where do I start to figure this out?
  354. Zacharias Pretorius Just so you understand… i have to send from ios, not linux, windows or mac desktop
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