jdev - 2021-04-17

  1. goffi

    hi Martin, you can add Libervia (formerly "Salut à toi"), its CLI frontend can be used as a modern replacement for sendxmpp, and it implements OTR and OMEMO (and will support OX later this year). cf. https://salut-a-toi.org/__b/doc/sat/jp/message.html.

  2. Martin

    goffi: thanks. Totally forgot SaT (and wasn't aware of the new name also). 😃

  3. goffi

    renaming is recent and I haven't made a blog post about it yet, but I hope it will make the whole thing less confusing.

  4. goffi

    the website documentation still has old names, but I'll update it this week-end.

  5. Martin

    Ok, updated https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/User:MDosch/Sendxmpp_incarnations and the award for the least creative naming goes to flow. :D

  6. mathieui

    Martin, you wrote "jq" and not "jp" (jq is the json cli tool :p)

  7. Martin


  8. Martin

    Fixed, thanks.

  9. goffi

    I've updated to "li", because it's the new name (even if "jp" still works, it's used internally, but li is short for libervia-cli). I've also added Pubsub/blog support as notable feature.

  10. Martin