jdev - 2021-04-29

  1. Paruba

    Hi all! I am very new with XMPP and have a little question, please. I need to create an application that will have some XMPP accounts as "master" and other accounts as "slave". Communication is only allowed between master <-> slave, and one master can have many slaves. Application will control who can "talk" to whom. I, as administrator, will need sometimes to send messages to only master accounts. My question is, what are the beneficts (or disvantages) to create 2 virtual hosts, one for master accounts (ex. 001@master.server.com) and other for slave accounts (ex. 001@slave.server.com), instead of using only one virtual host with something like this: master001@server.com / slave001@server.com? Does it will make management easier? What about the MySQL backups? Thank you for any ideas about this subject!