jdev - 2021-05-07

  1. DebXWoody

    OMEMO question: Why should I skip the encryption to my own device? https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0384.html#encrypt

  2. DebXWoody

    And this should be for chat and also groupchat messages?

  3. flow

    Not an OMEMO expert, but it's different from OpenPGP where you usually want to encrypt to self, I don't see why you want to do it in the OMEMO case

  4. flow

    As with OMEMO, as soon as you receive the message and encrypted it, you will eventually destroy the way to encrypt it a second time

  5. flow

    DebXWoody, ↑

  6. flow

    but maybe it has also something to do with the signal protocal

  7. flow

    it's been a while since I had a close look at that :)

  8. lovetox

    DebXWoody, why would this be useful?

  9. lovetox

    also dont forget in omemo its not just encrypting to a public key, you build a session and advance a ratchet

  10. lovetox

    with each message

  11. lovetox

    you need 2 sides to advance the ratchet

  12. lovetox

    and i think this just only works if you have really 2 sides

  13. lovetox

    but just a feeling, i really dont know, maybe vanitasvitae‎ knows