jdev - 2021-05-17

  1. Sam

    Made a little example of using ad-hoc commands just as a demo and it's surprisingly useful in its own right. Maybe I should finally make that "do xmpp things" CLI tool I've been saying I would start forever.

  2. qrpnxz

    do it

  3. eta

    I did not realise the King's Cross Tunnel existed

  4. eta

    and I was literally in that area 2 days ago :P

  5. eta

    someone send me some XMPP stickers and I'll go and photograph that tunnel holding one of them in the foreground

  6. edhelas

    better stick all the stickers in the tunnel /o/

  7. eta

    hey, I mean there are loads of "covid is a hoax!" stickers out on the London Underground

  8. eta

    maybe I should just sticker over them all with XMPP and Dino stickers

  9. flow

    do it! :)

  10. wurstsalat

    ..and I thought you were talking about XEP-0449

  11. eta doesn't actually have any XMPP stickers though; should grab some whenever the next congress happens

  12. edhelas still have "XMPP stickers with the SVG glitch"

  13. edhelas

    very rare, i'll sell them on eBay in a few years and make a lot of money

  14. defanor

    Good idea: placing XMPP stickers in that tunnel would equally confuse tunnel users, so everything would be balanced.

  15. qrpnxz

    With regards to server-server connections, is it expected that I establish a connection from A to B, then wait for an associated connection from B to A (ew what?), then, if I am following XEP-0288, advertize bidi, then wait for <bidi/>, then what? Which connection do I drop? Can I just assume bidirectionality to start like a sane person?

  16. Zash

    If B advertises bidi then you bidi and you're done.

  17. qrpnxz

    that doesn't answer if it's expected these days for me to wait for a connection from B, nor does it answer on which connection the bidi is happening.

  18. Zash

    There need only be one connection if bidi is used.

  19. qrpnxz

    if B does not use bidi, it will try to connect to me, if i don't expect that it will be bad. Maybe B does use bidi, but it can't reasonably expect me to do so also, so it tries to dial me anyway. I can't know for sure B uses bidi until it dials me and it tells me that it does unless that is just the standard now that it's always bidi that would be the easiest.

  20. qrpnxz

    If i can just assume bidi great, but if not and we negotiate the feature, then which conn do we use?

  21. Zash

    Dialback? We don't do that, we do mutual authentication with certificates and SASL EXTERNAL

  22. qrpnxz

    i didn't mean dialback, just to start a connection with me

  23. Zash

    I suspect I'm too sleepy to understand what the question is. Maybe tomorrow, or if someone else's awake.

  24. qrpnxz

    I should prolly ask the standards people in the other muc.