jdev - 2021-05-23

  1. wuuko


  2. jonas’


  3. qrpnxz


  4. rom1dep

    > I legit like the idea of snikket, but then it looks like you can only use it on Android and nowhere else More like, "looks like you need to be a sysadmin (or already be a user in which case none of it matters)"

  5. MattJ

    More like "you need a sysadmin in your social circle or use a hosted instance"

  6. defanor

    Isn't Snikket the one that is supposed to be easy to use for non-tech-savvy users, piggybacking on existing phone contacts? I see it's invite-only though. But why would you need a sysadmin for that anyway?

  7. rom1dep

    defanor: AFAICT, snikket want to make it easy to host servers at local scale MattJ: what's there to help someone who just got to know about snikket on the internet to "discover" sysadmins he/she may know?

  8. Zash

    If you self-host it, you still need a bit of sysadmin know-how.

  9. Zash

    But the required skill level is certainly meant to be lower than for prosody, which sometimes feels like it's too easy 😕

  10. MattJ

    defanor: Snikket doesn't use phone contacts, you might be thinking of Quicksy

  11. MattJ

    The Snikket model is to make it easy for someone to set up a server for a social group and onboard them all easily

  12. MattJ

    Self-hosting is made as easy as possible for someone with basic sysadmin skills, and for anyone else there is a hosted service

  13. defanor

    Ah, indeed.

  14. rom1dep

    MattJ: could be great to have a "find servers and communities near you" feature

  15. MattJ


  16. MattJ

    I'm more aiming for servers that have real social connections between users

  17. qrpnxz

    none of prosody.im, 404.city, xmpp.org, are replying to me <proceed/> after <starttls/>, instead i get </stream>. Not sure what I'm messing up.

  18. Zash

    Can you show an XML dump of what you send and receive?

  19. qrpnxz

    nvm, i made the same mistake i did yesterday LOL hahahaha. My brain doesn't like that I'm sending just open tag and I keep ending it with "/>", which of course ends the stream.

  20. qrpnxz

    sry 4 wasting ur time

  21. qrpnxz

    alright awesome, i'm able to negotiate and starttls with a receiving entity now