jdev - 2021-05-25

  1. desarrolloata

    HI there. I am a newbie with xmpp. I am constructing a client in xmpp. I was wondering if it is possible to ask another client for a service via and <iq> stanza without any modification of a public server. Thanks for your help in advance

  2. Zash

    Sure, if you know their full JID (including the /resource part)

  3. desarrolloata

    do you know how is the xml structre to send this request if i want to set the type to get for example i want to send a service to get a list should I use a command like this <iq to='client@example\resource' id='consoledda14df' type='get'></getList></iq> or how coul i use my own structure of service thx

  4. MattJ

    That's not valid XML for a start :)

  5. MattJ

    <iq to="user@example.com/client-resource" id="console1234" type="get"><getList xmlns="https://yourdomain.com/"/></iq>

  6. MattJ

    iq can have only one direct child element (in this case getList), but you can put other stuff inside that element if you need to

  7. MattJ

    and you must use a custom xmlns attribute for all your custom elements, typically this is set to any URL that is yours

  8. desarrolloata

    Thank you so much for your help. Matt and Zash