jdev - 2021-05-26

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  156. Sam Anyone know a good MUC/IRC bridge? I remember one being setup between a few rooms a while back, but can't remember what it was (if I ever knew)
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  158. jonas’ biboumi, depending on what you call bridge
  159. Sam It does MUC briding? I thought it was just a client thing
  160. Zash "between"
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  163. Zash Matterbridge?
  164. Sam looks
  165. qrpnxz biboumi makes irc channels look like MUCS
  166. Sam Sorry, I mean a bridge that hooks a MUC up to an IRC room so if you join the room on IRC or the MUC the same messages show up in both
  167. Zash As in it's a gateway you can join IRC channels from XMPP. It doesn't do any mutual replication.
  168. qrpnxz Sam, i only know matterbridge
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  171. moparisthebest Sam, I've got an old IRCd that connects to an XMPP server as a component and exposes a MUC server as an IRC server, a few people have been interested lately but it's been abandoned awhile :/
  172. Zash Everyone seems to want the mutual replication thing 🙁
  173. moparisthebest Sam, https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-ircd
  174. Sam Thanks, that might be what I was thinking of before
  175. Ge0rG It's probably the least painful way to convert an irc channel to a MUC, right?
  176. Sam In this case we probably would never convert the two, but the corresponding XMPP room is relatively low-traffic and the IRC room is popular, so it would let the community actually grow a bit on the XMPP side.
  177. Sam And on the IRC side it would give us logging since the log bot we were using before shut down I think but I could use one of the various MUC log things.
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  179. Ge0rG Sam: if you are not moving irc servers, biboumi is your best chance.
  180. Sam Matterbridge sounds like what I want, I'll look into what that would take to setup. Thanks all.
  181. Kev FWIW, M-Link’s IRC gateway does this, but you obviously don’t want that :)
  182. Zash Which this?
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  184. Kev Gateway between the MUC and an IRC channel so stuff that happens in one happens in the other.
  185. Zash Bidirectional bot copying?
  186. Kev No, it joins IRC clients for each XMPP user.
  187. moparisthebest Sam, so you kind of have 2 not-great options: 1. real MUC, xmpp-ircd; best experience for XMPP users, fine for IRC users if you don't need nickserv/registration/chanserv/any of them to be ops, otherwise subpar experience for them 2. real IRC server, biboumi in single-server mode exposing it as MUC; best experience for IRC users, pretty good but not perfect for XMPP users
  188. Sam moparisthebest: I don't think either will work. I have an existing XMPP room and an existing IRC room, I don't want to change either.
  189. Ge0rG a double-puppetet bridge?
  190. moparisthebest Sam, ah, well nothing will ever give you a good bridge-two-distinct-rooms experience meh
  191. Ge0rG Kev: what's the obvious reason for not wanting the M-Link bridge? Pricing?
  192. Kev Ge0rG: Yep.
  193. Kev I’m assuming Sam wants something free, and possibly Free.
  194. Sam Definitely "free", no other requirements.
  195. Ge0rG offering something free for Free users might be an option, though.
  196. qrpnxz it should be possible to make a bot that puppets irc in a MUC, and simply forwards xmpp to irc
  197. qrpnxz however that requires implementing IRC stuff which i never want to try again
  198. Sam It's definitely possible, but the point of asking if one exists already is to not implement it :)
  199. Ge0rG qrpnxz: you'd also need to get an i-line on the irc server to join a large number of puppets
  200. Kev I once ran a bot that joined both sides and just repeated everything. I think it was written in perl, but I can’t remember where I got it from.
  201. Zash Kev, that's what's hip these days
  202. qrpnxz lol
  203. Zash Posting "<nick> message" as body to both sides.
  204. Zash When will they learn that Single Source of Truth is nice?
  205. Ge0rG Meanwhile, there is Ge0rG11211, mxid @freenode_Ge0rG11211:matrix.org in the bifröst room.
  206. Ge0rG Zash: posting "[freenode] <nick> message"
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  208. Zash Ah. The IRC ↔ Matrix ↔ XMPP bridged chats I'm in only show nick and message
  209. moparisthebest I used to run an old python one that I think Link Mauve pointed me to if not developed Sam ...
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  212. MattJ I wrote my own in Lua, but you could probably have guessed that
  213. Zash And we all know how that turned out
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  215. MattJ 1. write a bot 2. add support for plugins 3. bot becomes an XMPP server
  216. Ge0rG That escalated quickly.
  217. moparisthebest "oops"
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  225. qrpnxz lmao
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