jdev - 2021-07-17

  1. Sam

    XEP-0045 explains it. It does use a feature in service discovery, so you'll want to read XEP-0030 too.

  2. Sam

    Just realized that entity caps requires access to the raw chardata of data form fields (something I was not saving, making caps impossible with my form implementation). I don't know how to fix this, but I feel like better requirements or something that always include "Needs raw XML later" or "does not need raw xml later" might be good, because this sort of thing has happened several times for me.

  3. Sam

    I guess my forms implemntation is about to balloon.

  4. flow

    Sam, how do you save the value of form fields? It sounds like you perform some sort of normalization?

  5. Sam

    I parse them based on the type into actual ints and what not

  6. flow

    Sam, ok, but then you should still be able to reconstruct the raw chardata. is there a case where this is not possible?

  7. flow

    ahh ok, hmm, maybe bool

  8. flow

    I am still curious about other cases

  9. flow

    but you probably will need to carry the original value around.

  10. flow

    I do the same in MiniDNS: DnsName has a field for the DNS name in ACE format and in "raw ACE" format, i.e. the exact thing that was received over the wire. the difference of both is mostly uppercase letters. comes very handy when debugging issues caused by one nameserver returning FOO.com and the other one foo.com, and resulting issues from broken implementations that believe those to be different

  11. Link Mauve

    Oh hmm, my implementation in xmpp-parsers might also have this issue, I never realised. :/