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  173. edhelas one small question, is BuddyCloud still alive ?
  174. flow pretty sure not
  175. flow edhelas ↑
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  178. edhelas okay, because it was one of the project that was pushing things around Pubsub in the ecosystem
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  180. Zash Not much activity since 2015 from what I can see.
  181. edhelas ok :)
  182. Zash edhelas, last project standing?
  183. Zash Not much activity since 2015 from what I can see.
  184. edhelas nah, there is SàT :D
  185. Zash and `clix publish_atom` !
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  191. edhelas damn, so much competition
  192. Zash Better step up your game ;)
  193. edhelas time to release AtomMovim ! fully incompatible with the others
  194. Ge0rG go nuclear!
  195. edhelas The Movim server is hosted in Germany, so we're more using coal than nuclear there :p
  196. Zash Oof
  197. Ge0rG edhelas: I'm sorry for that. I've tried for over twenty years now to get rid of our climate- and science-denialist government.
  198. jubalh isnt it mostly the green party that tries to stop nuclear?
  199. edhelas Yup, I know, I really hope that at one moment "they" will understand how illogical their decisions are
  200. Zash and `clix publish_atom` !
  201. Ge0rG edhelas: It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.
  202. jubalh even when his survival is threatened?
  203. edhelas Ge0rG is there a few people in Germany that questions the "full renewable (+coal/gaz)" politics ?
  204. Ge0rG jubalh: none of the fat old white guys is actually threatened by climate change.
  205. Ge0rG edhelas: pardon?
  206. jubalh "fat old white guys" oh now I cannot take any serious anymore what you will say :/
  207. Ge0rG jubalh: which of those attributes doesn't match Armin Laschet?
  208. jubalh it was plural "guys". So this gave me the impression that you are one of those people who think "white + male = evil"
  209. Ge0rG jubalh: no. I think "successful politician = evil + corrupt"
  210. Ge0rG and it just happens that most of them are fat old white guys.
  211. jubalh hehe
  212. Ge0rG because, you know, unbiased random selection.
  213. edhelas damn, I can't have jubalh messages, still this message id bug
  214. edhelas yup, profanity
  215. jubalh "bug" :)
  216. Zash Bug!
  217. Ge0rG "message ID too strong"
  218. nephele Eh, the german goverment will get rid of coal, and then we get nuclear power from france :P
  219. edhelas https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/issues/1520
  220. edhelas nephele you are already getting it from France :p
  221. Zash Mission successful eh
  222. nephele yes, but with less coal that means more nuclear
  223. jubalh funny thing is, the first contribution i made to profanity (if i remember correctly) was using UUID for IDs instead of incremented number
  224. Zash And then south Sweden shuts down their nuclear plants, to then import German coal power!
  225. edhelas https://www.rte-france.com/eco2mix/les-echanges-commerciaux-aux-frontieres#
  226. nephele sounds good
  227. Ge0rG Nuclear is much more safe than coal. Especially when imported from faraway!
  228. jubalh https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/commit/f4fb61b0c83b0eea20f7b60fa83bc116fd103a84 then later we did the crazy ID thing
  229. jubalh Ge0rG: but am I wrong that mostly green party in germany is against nuclear? I didn't follow very closely but I was under that impression
  230. edhelas Step 1: Wait for Germany to get dependent on foreign import Step 2: Do x5 in French exported electricity to Germany Step 3: PROFITS §§§
  231. edhelas Russia is having the same plan with Gaz 😎
  232. Ge0rG jubalh: no, that's right. Killing Nuclear was the Greens' main proposition back in the early 2000s
  233. Ge0rG If only they had killed coal instead.
  234. nephele nuclear could be better, maybe when they stop using the one tech that is good for making nuclear weapons... and invest in any of the countless other safer options
  235. jubalh :/
  236. edhelas Weapons are built in factories that runs on electricity 🤔
  237. Zash Reject technology. Become potato farmer. Take over the world with spud guns!
  238. edhelas Ge0rG that's why I was asking you if a part of the german population is asking the governement to now change their plans ?
  239. Ge0rG edhelas: I had trouble parsing your message. Our government recently decided to pay billions to Big Coal to stop coal power by 2045.
  240. edhelas So early
  241. edhelas Enough time to replace them with… gaz ?
  242. Ge0rG Yes, gas will be increased to compensate for loss of coal.
  243. Ge0rG Meanwhile, our governments are sabotaging solar and wind as much as they can.
  244. Ge0rG In my state, you can't put a new wind turbine closer than 1km to a settlement, with a settlement being anything with three or more houses.
  245. edhelas sabotaging ?
  246. edhelas ah :D
  247. Zash Nobody wants things in their back yard.
  248. edhelas Well if you replace a plant with wind turbines, that's suddenly way more backyards that you need to use :D
  249. Zash Good thing our back yards are yüuuuge up here.
  250. edhelas Zash where is it ?
  251. Zash North Sweden.
  252. edhelas :D indeed
  253. Ge0rG And if you want to install small-scale solar, you need to create a company and do significant tax work. If you want to do large-scale solar (on your own premises), you need to participate in government tenders.
  254. Zash They are putting up wind turbines somewhere here atm
  255. edhelas Ge0rG same in France, the gov is basically cutting all the money helicopter on solar
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  257. Zash Funny because they're too large to move on the large roads which all have bridges over them.
  258. Zash So into the woods on tiny dirt roads the go
  259. Zash So into the woods on tiny dirt roads they go
  260. edhelas They promised a few years back to buy all the solar electricity at a very competitive price, but now they're just stopping it, the result is meh…
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  262. edhelas Also I find it really dumb to spend all this money on trying to decarbonate electricity in France :D
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  264. Zash Solar does go up on roofs here and there. You can even sell excess power back to the grid. But you can't make a profit.
  265. edhelas We have plenty of things to decarbonate, and electricity is definitely not the main one
  266. Ge0rG I'm only using solar+wind, and 80% of the price are taxes and fees to install more solar and wind, except there is no way to do that.
  267. edhelas Ge0rG you have a "green" contract ?
  268. Zash Tho being up north it tends to be dark during the time you need power. And also snow.
  269. edhelas Zash clever
  270. Ge0rG If they'd got rid of the taxes and fees on renewable electricity, it would suddenly become as cheap for heating as oil or gas.
  271. Ge0rG and much cheaper with heat pumps.
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  273. Ge0rG edhelas: yeah. I used to have hydro from a regional company, but they stopped selling that.
  274. emus Wind goes Offshore 🤘
  275. edhelas Ge0rG what is your yearly CO² impact ? because you can have 80% renewable 100% Bio-Vegan electricity, if the 20% that remains you're burning 800g/CO²/kwh lignite, well…
  276. Ge0rG edhelas: I have 100% solar + wind in my contract. And I'm using it to charge my BEV
  277. Ge0rG (I'm still heating with gas though, because $$$)
  278. edhelas when you have such thing, on an individual level, or national level, you need to check the yearly "average" result
  279. Ge0rG edhelas: I'm depressed enough already, kthx
  280. edhelas because it can be "I didn't took any plane, except the one time I flew into space"
  281. edhelas :D
  282. edhelas Ge0rG heat pumps are great <3
  283. Zash Unless everyone has them
  284. edhelas Zash ?
  285. Ge0rG edhelas: the loud ones aren't
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  288. Zash Stockholm is apparently such a needlework of wells for heat pumps, so efficiency is lost.
  289. Sam They also stop working in winter unless you get the drilled geothermal ones (which are expensive, at least around here)
  290. edhelas they, they can't replace A/C or heating
  291. Ge0rG I wish I could drill one, but my home is built on stone.
  292. edhelas but they can help with only a bit of energy, again you have to check the average each year :p
  293. Zash Ge0rG, anything is possible with a big enough drill!
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  296. edhelas except drilling into 0045 or 0060
  297. Zash Solar does go up on roofs here and there. You can even sell excess power back to the grid. But you can't make a profit.
  298. Zash Tho being up north it tends to be dark during the time you need power. And also snow.
  299. Ge0rG Zash: there is no road to the place where you'd have to drill, but a 100% slope of 3m
  300. edhelas what do you mean by geothermal ? just using the "freshness" of the ground ?
  301. edhelas like this ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground-coupled_heat_exchanger
  302. Zash https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_source_heat_pump rather?
  303. edhelas yeah ok
  304. Zash We had the shallow surface variant at a previous place. Don't think it had any problem with winter, snow is a great insulator.
  305. Sam The ground ones are fine in winter; the above ground ones stop working if it freezes
  306. Sam Which is still fine depending on where you live. It only freezes for a few days out of the winter in Georgia so you can revert to electric coil heaters just for those days or something and still be doing pretty good.
  307. Sam But then you also have to have that system installed
  308. Sam (I really wanted one of these, but it's just impractically expensive here sadly)
  309. edhelas Sam you mean a ground one ?
  310. Ge0rG Sam: I'm feeling with you!
  311. Sam Either; I mean yah, a ground one would be ideal, but it's expensive to drill
  312. edhelas yeah, it's better to do it while doing something else at the same time
  313. Sam There's an environmental chat room where this might be a good discussion topic, FIY 🙂 I don't have the address in front of me though. I think I found two on the search
  314. edhelas ?
  315. Sam Found it. I was just saying that xmpp:environment@chat.disroot.org?join might be a good place for this conversation (instead of jdev).
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