jdev - 2021-07-25

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  43. Hello everyone, please someone help how I can create an xmpp server in php? Thank you has joined
  44. Hello everyone, please someone help how I can create an xmpp server in php? Thank you Hello everyone, please someone help how I can create an xmpp server in php? Thank you
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  48. Squeaky Latex Folf Lol
  49. Squeaky Latex Folf That name
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  52. Hello everyone, please someone help how I can create an xmpp server in php? Thank you no it's mistake
  53. jonas’ Step 1: figure out if there's a library you can use Step 2: if not, read the standards (start with RFC 6120) Step 3: figure out how to do that in PHP Step 4: ??? Step 5: profit?
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  56. Squeaky Latex Folf Also, is it true that XMPP S2S does multicasting in an inefficient way?
  57. Squeaky Latex Folf Aka, not multicasting at all but just unicasting
  58. jonas’ there is in theory a thing which allows multicasting
  59. jonas’ but in the vision of many smaller servers, it's rarely useful
  60. jonas’ see https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0033.html
  61. Squeaky Latex Folf On PSYC they mentioned multicssting issues in XMPP
  62. Squeaky Latex Folf But I haven't really noticed any performance issues of XMPP, but I don't have over 100 contacts or rooms, so
  63. Squeaky Latex Folf And even then, is it noticeable?
  64. Squeaky Latex Folf Meanwhile, on Matrix, the performance issues are very clear
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  66. Squeaky Latex Folf Joining the Matrix HQ room will make self-hosted servers explode
  67. jonas’ so multicasting would only be benificial if server A has a lot of users which are in a room on server B
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  69. jonas’ then server B could be smart about it and tell server A a list of addresess to multicast the room traffic to
  70. jonas’ but even in the largest rooms, I doubt that there are more than 20-40 entities from the same server.
  71. jonas’ so the difference between copying a stanza 20-40 times (and with that, saving a lot of headaches around security considerations if the users have different privileges; I guess you'd have to shard by privileges, too, reducing the multicastability further) and actually doing multicast is rather slim
  72. jonas’ especially because it only affects s2s links which are generally high-bandwidth and low-latency
  73. jonas’ (and it doesn't make any difference for any permanant storage or so)
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  76. Squeaky Latex Folf How does IRC do it?
  77. Kev It only really seems to matter on either very huge rooms, or very bad connections, and for the latter there’s FMUC.
  78. Kev IRC doesn’t do it in any standard way.
  79. Kev But, roughly speaking, IRC does something more akin to FMUC.
  80. jonas’ isn't s2s for IRC mostly unspecified?
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  85. Kev "IRC doesn’t do it in any standard way."
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  87. Kev Although that doesn’t matter so much, because IRC doesn’t have open federation. It’s best not to think of IRC so much as federated like XMPP as being a clustered service, like a single XMPP service.
  88. Squeaky Latex Folf I know. I didn't mean if IRC was federated in that way. I was just wondering how IRC does multicasting.
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  90. Kev I believe somewhat similar to how FMUC does it.
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  92. Squeaky Latex Folf There's also DMUC2
  93. Kev I’m not aware of anyone ever implementing any of the DMUC proposals, though.
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  95. Kev Whereas FMUC is implemented and deployed (albeit not, that I’m aware of, on the Internet).
  96. Squeaky Latex Folf Where then?
  97. Kev Places that have heavily constrained connections.
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  99. Squeaky Latex Folf Any examples?
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  101. Kev Not that I think I can talk about, sorry.
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  103. Squeaky Latex Folf It's top secret?
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  105. Kev Something like that.
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  115. Eniyocha hi every one
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  120. Eniyocha hi every one .. so i'm trying to build a chat app just like whatsapp.. i have my own ejabberd server .. i want that users sign up with there phone number and do all the work in backend(giving them jid and password)... Do i need an other server to assure the authentification? or just ejabberd server can do the work
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