jdev - 2021-08-04

  1. Squeaky Latex Folf

    What's it called?

  2. selurvedu

    Squeaky Latex Folf, https://github.com/mellium/communique-tui I did not attend, but I guess it's this

  3. Whatsapp

    aramızda Türk var mı

  4. Yagizа


  5. Yagizа


  6. Yagizа

    Can anyone give me suggestion about old OMEMO protocol?

  7. _Liveware Problem_

    What is the question exactly?

  8. Yagizа

    _Liveware Problem_, is it possible to write code for old OMEMO, using new SignalProtocol library?

  9. Yagizа

    I tried to intialize it, passing "3" as parameter, but resulting code seems to be incompatible with old OMEMO anyway.

  10. _Liveware Problem_

    I'm not sure on that topic. But I suppose somebody here can answer that

  11. Yagizа

    _Liveware Problem_, so, let's wait for him...