jdev - 2021-08-06

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  136. amit hello @all . Can i use XMPP protocol in django with asgi ?
  137. jonas’ django is python, python is turing complete, yes you can.
  138. amit Need any library like aioxmpp or only xmpp protocol like ws?
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  140. Sam If you're asking for some kind of pre-built integration I don't think there is any, you'd have to build it yourself (probably using a library like aioxmpp)
  141. Sam Are you just wanting to display a client on a webpage though? That doesn't have much to do with django specifically and will be more or less the same for anything
  142. amit Actually i am looking an alternative of websocket. In websocket a server can accept max 65535 connection simultaneously and its very expensive. My requirement is to implement instant chat app.
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  145. flow amit, huh websockets can only accept 2^16 connections? I somehow doubt this
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  148. amit for each connection it occupy one port number
  149. Sam That's not how websockets work, maybe you're mixing up websockets with regular sockets?
  150. Sam I'm not really sure what you're asking for though, maybe you could explain a bit more about the project and what your needs are and it would help us help you better? This doesn't sound like a django or even XMPP specific question anymore to me, but it's hard to tell.
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  157. jonas’ that's also not how regular sockets work by the way
  158. jonas’ a TCP connection is defined by (src-addr, src-port, dst-addr, dst-port). in a server, dst-port and dst-addr are typically constant (e.g. or
  159. jonas’ so you only need a single address+port for a server socket and the clients are identified by their address + port
  160. jonas’ likewise, for a client, you can reuse the same source port as long as you are connecting to different destination ports + addresses
  161. jonas’ so that "at most 65535 connections because of ports" limit is bogus
  162. jonas’ for UDP, things are a bit different because it is inherently connectionless, there you might have more constraints depending on the protocol running on top of it. Stuff like QUIC has a connection ID though by which it multiplexes, so there it matters even less.
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  176. Sam I always forget that MUC needs PEP for bookmarks and PEP needs disco if you want to receive updates. Guess I have my work cut out for me :(
  177. Sam really hasn't figured out a good way to do disco in particular
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  184. MattJ What are you struggling with?
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  186. Sam A mix of motivation to read several giant XEPs that are all needed in some part to make this work, and with disco in particular I just haven't found a nice API that doesn't make it hard to use (eg. I shouldn't have to register a handler with the client *and* a disco feature, I should just be able to have the handler know what features exist and be able to also respond to disco… this isn't hard, I just haven't found a good way to do it in my own codebase)
  187. Sam The disco stuff is all super project specific, unfortunately
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  189. MattJ I've been fairly happy with the disco API in Verse, not that I've used it much recently
  190. MattJ Main thing that tripped me up was the concept of "nodes", which I have to confess I'm still not sure I understand :)
  191. MattJ There are two aspects to a disco API, the discovery side and the advertisement side
  192. Sam Indeed; I think I've got all that working fine from the perspective of someone querying for disco info, nodes work, you can walk the tree, etc. (https://pkg.go.dev/mellium.im/xmpp/disco@main), but the advertisement side I've been stuck on for ages for some reason
  193. Sam I haven't seen Verse before I don't think, I'll look up what you do there; thanks
  194. MattJ That's mostly just a local registry, right?
  195. MattJ per node
  196. Sam Yah, so you end up with a tree-like structure of nodes.
  197. MattJ "of nodes" - sure? Disco info/items doesn't actually allow you to discover nodes, right?
  198. MattJ You have to know what node you want to query
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  200. Kev Disco is not a hierachy of nodes, FWIW.
  201. Sam Right, so you start from the root node (empty node name) and then you can query over all those, etc. to walk the tree
  202. MattJ Tree of JIDs, not nodes
  203. Kev It’s a flat pool of nodes. You can construct the node names as you wish so they encode structure within them, but don’t have to, and the structure is by appearance only.
  204. Sam I guess, but since you can't discover all nodes except by querying root, then querying those nodes, it's effectively a tree
  205. Sam At least, it has to be walked like a tree if you want to find all nodes
  206. Kev You can’t query the root to find all nodes for disco.
  207. Sam Right, you can only find the nodes directly under the root node
  208. MattJ Ah, there is a 'node' attribute for items
  209. Kev You can’t even do that.
  210. MattJ Shown in https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0030.html#example-17
  211. Sam I guess after all this time I still don't understand disco then
  212. Sam Or am I thinking of Items and you're thinking of Info? I guess I need to go re-read this for the milionth time
  213. Kev You can have results that include lists of other jids and nodes, so you *can* build a tree, and if you want to build a tree, what you describe is right.
  214. Kev But you don’t have to build a tree, you don’t have to list different nodes under the root, etc.
  215. Sam Oh sure, I mean, I know that you can address any node directly without querying for the top level ones or knowing their name first or whatever
  216. Kev My client (kev@server/res ) could have a ‘kevstuff’ node if it wanted, and that needn’t be listed anywhere.
  217. Kev So the only way you’d know it existed was if you queried it and did or didn’t get a result.
  218. Sam oooh, that's fair too and I hadn't thought of it.
  219. Kev So if your disco responder model relies on tree representation that’s fine and up to you, but it doesn’t cover all the disco uses.
  220. Sam That's a great API consideration that I hadn't worked out, thank you
  221. Sam (still, I find it helpful from the querying entities perspective to provide functionality to walk the nodes like a tree; makes it easy to design browsers like Gajim has, for example, but it's a good point that I shouldn't rely on it)
  222. Kev Personally, I would just register a disco items or info callback or callbacks that gets passed the JID and Node, and then returns a set of results that are concatenated to form a result for the response.
  223. Kev And I wouldn’t in the XMPP Library API do any sort of imposition of structure. Let the application sort it out, only the application knows what it wants.
  224. Kev Yes, having a tree walker in the library for queries is a sometimes useful thing.
  225. Kev We do that for Swift for finding MUCs.
  226. Kev I note that’s walking the JID tree rather than a node tree, mind.
  227. Sam Just having a way to let the application sort it out is fine I guess, but if they've already created a handler for MUC (for example) and passed that into the router that handles XML and pushes it to the right place, it seems like they should be able to say "just use the disco for all the handlers we have registered" and not have to go back and figure them all out
  228. Sam To prevent eg. registering the handler for MUC but then forgetting to register the disco node
  229. Sam err, yes, JID tree for items I guess
  230. Kev Within M-Link we do that, yes. When we register handlers (delegates in our terms), those delegates will be called for append disco results when the router’s queried.
  231. Kev Which is basically > Personally, I would just register a disco items or info callback or callbacks that gets passed the JID and Node, and then returns a set of results that are concatenated to form a result for the response. with the registering being automatic.
  232. Sam yah, it's the automatic part I need to figure out a clean way to do
  233. Sam Really it's an issue with my previous design decisions (I think, kind of making this up as I think outloud). I have a router that you register handlers against to handle certain XML elements. I would expect disco responses to be one of those handlersr. However, the handlers don't have access to the router they're registered on, so how does it know what else has been registered?
  234. Kev Disco has to be a special case.
  235. Sam I think it might, yes. Built into the router or something.
  236. Sam I really hate to do that though; I feel like there's got to be a nice way to make it work without it.
  237. Sam Generally speaking I feel like it it has to be a special case either the underlying spec (nothing I can do) or my API (hopefully I can fix it) has a rather fundamental structural problem. Figuring out which and what to do about it is time consuming and hard though.
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  240. Kev I’ve not had a significant problem working disco into any of the codebases I’ve done so, so I don’t *think* the spec is fundamentally broken.
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  243. Sam Oh yah, it's almost certainly not
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  292. Sam Oh hey, apparently I came up with an elegant (if I do say so myself) way to handle disco, made a branch, and then forgot about it. Glad I looked before starting over on the thing I was talking about earlier.
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  295. moparisthebest protip: always check git stash
  296. moparisthebest maybe un-needed if you have a better memory...
  297. Sam Not I…
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  322. Link Mauve “14:59:22 Sam> I always forget that MUC needs PEP for bookmarks […]”, for this part, it might be useful to read this, about the current mess that is bookmarks: https://docs.modernxmpp.org/client/groupchat/#bookmarks
  323. Sam :( good docs, thanks. I'll probably just implement the PEP ones. If we detect another client that doesn't advertise support and the server doesn't do the compat thing maybe I'll log a message telling them to change clients or ask their server admin for #compat.
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  325. Link Mauve Given the vast majority of clients do Private XML, and the Prosody modules can’t support both PEP versions (and I wouldn’t expect complete synchronisation to be easy to implement in other servers’ PEP modules either, but I’d love to be proven wrong), I don’t recommend implementing old PEP at all any more.
  326. Link Mauve Private XML is the better fallback.
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  330. Sam Sorry, I meant just the new PEP one, singular
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