jdev - 2021-08-11

  1. edhelas

    a little question to all the XMPP clients devs

  2. edhelas

    what should be the best way to order the roster for you ?

  3. edhelas

    I see that Telegram is ordering it by "last connected"

  4. edhelas

    in Movim I'm ordering it by "most activity" (most messages exchanged recently)

  5. edhelas

    you have the classic "alphabetical" or "alphabetical but with groups"

  6. pulkomandy

    it depends, if your UI is compact and you can fit a lot of things on screen without scrolling, alphabetical is fine

  7. pulkomandy

    if you have a "modern" ui with large things and you can only fit 10 items on screen, you probably want the active ones at the top so the user doesn't have to scroll up and down all the time to see if there is any activity somewhere

  8. pep.

    "roster", what is this? :p

  9. edhelas

    pep. is directly sending the <messages> by hand to JIDs

  10. Kev

    I think it’s a question for what style of UI you want, but I like activity being near the top. The latest released version of Swift has two tabs, with the first being a ‘roster’ view, and the latter being an activity-based ordering that includes other chats.

  11. pep.

    Heh, I wasn't exactly referring to my usage, but actually yes. /message edh<tab>

  12. pep.

    (I never use the roster view in poezio, and they're well hidden in C and Dino)

  13. MattJ

    I think the approach taken by Conversations and Dino is a sensible one for most purposes

  14. MattJ

    The default view is chats, not contacts. Contacts are shown as part of initiating a new chat, if the user chooses to do that

  15. Kev

    So that’s also what Swift is currently doing, I think, if you’re on the Chats tab (and if you are, that persists).