jdev - 2021-08-18

  1. aaronD

    Im pretty new to xmpp and I rly don't find online how to login with xmpp-sasl using custom mechanism, can anybody help me? https://www.codepile.net/pile/k3VeyNBJ

  2. Kev

    It’s not clear, at least to me, what the question you’re asking is.

  3. aaronD

    Well I want to get in the chat servers of a game but dhey are using as auth 2 jwt tokens and I rly don't know how to implement that with node and there Is rly not that much documentation on this. https://www.npmjs.com/package/@xmpp/sasl

  4. aaronD

    Did you see the xml code

  5. aaronD


  6. Kev

    Ah, so what you need is help specific to that library, I guess. I’m afraid I’ve never used it, I don’t know if anyone else here has.

  7. aaronD

    It doesn't have to be exactly that library but that one Is quite populair In node and I saw dhey got sasl.

  8. Kev

    All XMPP libraries do SASL, mind - it’s a core requirement.

  9. aaronD

    ah lol ok, yea I don't know much about xmpp, like do you know any source where you can learn It good for node or python?

  10. Kev

    The examples in XMPP: The Definitive Guide (disclaimer: author) are Python-based, although I believe SleekXMPP is all but abandoned at this point and you’d want to update them to slixmpp, which is a more maintained fork. The book would give you a pretty good understanding of XMPP itself, though, if that’s what you want.

  11. Kev

    You could also just read the RFCs (start with 6120 and 6121) and the XEP series, but that is a tremendously dry (although free!) way to learn.

  12. aaronD

    ok ty

  13. Kev

    Although if you’re trying to auth to (I assume) LoL , do you know how their custom SASL mechanism works? Because if not, you’ll not be able to auth unless you can work that out.

  14. aaronD

    I just don't understand how their Is no example online for using custom SASL mechanism on node or python

  15. aaronD

    There are a couple of projects on github with xmpp chat server on league but Its all outdated and in the past dhey didn't use jwt tokens to authorize

  16. Zash

    Find out how something simple like SASL PLAIN is implemented

  17. Zash

    which seems to be provided by https://www.npmjs.com/package/sasl-plain via https://github.com/xmppjs/xmpp.js/tree/master/packages/sasl-plain

  18. aaronD

    ok will check It out