jdev - 2021-08-26

  1. aaronD

    If I implement this https://opkode.com/blog/strophe_custom_sasl_auth/ will this work for https://www.codepile.net/pile/k3VeyNBJ ?

  2. Zash

    If you implement the client part of the SASL mechanism in use then it would work

  3. Zash

    Except ... what's shown there is illegal

  4. Zash

    `<auth>` must only contain base64-encoded SASL messages, the way it has elements inside it is not how it works

  5. Zash

    So this will not work with anything and whoever made this needs to be found and prosecuted by the Protocol Police according to RFC 8962

  6. aaronD

    The auth rso_token and pas_token are 2 jwt tokens

  7. Zash

    Having them in child elements like that is a violation of the standard

  8. aaronD

    So what your saying Is It won't work If I actually put jwt tokens In the auth

  9. Zash

    I'm saying this is all wrong

  10. aaronD

    Its from a game chat

  11. Zash

    They did it wrong!

  12. Zash

    And because they did it wrong, you will not be able to use standard libraries and tools

  13. Zash

    It won't work

  14. aaronD

    Damn wtf, Its League of Legends that game Is populair af

  15. moparisthebest

    better take riot off https://xmpp.org/uses/gaming.html for violating protocol

  16. Zash

    If their authentication looks like that, then it's wrong!!!1!1eleventy

  17. Zash

    moparisthebest, yes!

  18. Zash

    That'll teach them! 🙂

  19. moparisthebest

    > Kotaku: League of Legends players flock to other games as news breaks they use non-standard chat protocols

  20. aaronD

    Yea I just sniffed the client

  21. aaronD

    Thats how It looks

  22. Squeaky Latex Folf

    jonas’: what's that mark on your left side near your rear in your pfp?