jdev - 2021-09-02

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  188. reng how to establishment connection between xmpp and ejabbered server using react native please help me i'm stucking on this past one week
  189. Trbl did you implement the protocol?
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  192. Trbl did you enable http/https endpoints to connect to from a webclient?
  193. Trbl or websockets
  194. Sam Isn't react a frontend UI thing? I feel like it won't have anything to do with XMPP so I don't understand the question. You'll need an XMPP libary in your language of choice, what you do with your frontend is up to you.
  195. reng I have a ejabbered server details like domain name, password id..
  196. reng now i have to establish the connection between the server
  197. MattJ Check out xmpp.js
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  200. Trbl > I have a ejabbered server details like domain name, password id.. check the config, make sure bosh is enabled
  201. reng okay
  202. reng please anyone send the code
  203. Sam What XMPP library are you using? Are you receiving any errors when you try to connect?
  204. reng for connection
  205. Trbl lol
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  207. reng i am not start to work on that
  208. reng For chatting purpose which xmpp i have to use
  209. Trbl you are stuck at getting started for a week?
  210. reng i mean library
  211. reng yes
  212. Sam What exactly are you stuck on? Finding a library? Figuring out how to connect using a library you already have? We'll need more information to help you
  213. reng i mean (i am not start to work on that) i have tried many libraries but i don't understand that concept
  214. Sam Or are you just looking for a client htat uses react native and I'm imsunderstanding?
  215. Sam oh, nevermind on the client question, answered it right before I hit send :)
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  218. reng okay brother
  219. reng https://medium.com/@connectycube/xmpp-real-time-chat-in-react-native-8d6d5d23dd47
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  221. reng for reference my senior developer sent this
  222. reng but in this chat they has used connectyCube
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  225. reng but backend developer give me a ejabbered server details
  226. reng so i don't know about that
  227. reng i have researched on web but i have confusing about it
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  229. Sam It looks like that example is using websockets to connect, so make sure you have websockets enabled in ejabberd.
  230. reng can you send any reference repo
  231. Sam I'm still not even sure what part you're getting stuck on or what steps you've completed, so I'm not sure how helpful that would be.
  232. reng i am stucking on starting part
  233. reng i have server details
  234. reng but i don't know how to connect the frontend with that server
  235. Trbl "Implement the ‘Connect to Server’ logic"
  236. Trbl tells you how
  237. reng okay
  238. Sam That article seems to show that, what part of the article are you getting stuck on?
  239. reng to connection establishment part brother
  240. Trbl its basically copy past and replacing the connection strings
  241. Trbl its basically copy paste and replacing the connection strings
  242. Trbl you need to tell us what you are stuck with
  243. Trbl what have you tried, what happenes
  244. reng no wait
  245. reng please
  246. Sam I'm sorry, but I still don't understand. Maybe you can show the part you're stuck on and tell us what's not working? Is it trying to connect but spinning forever, are you getting an error, is it just immediately returning?
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  248. reng this.XMPPServerOptions = {uri: 'wss://chat.connectycube.com:5291', domain: 'chat.connectycube.com'};
  249. reng in this code they used connectycube
  250. reng instead of connectycube i have to use ejabbered
  251. Trbl so replace it with your details
  252. reng i need to one this
  253. reng how i don't have any idea
  254. Trbl chat.connectytybe.com:5291 is a xmpp server
  255. reng can you please write for me this code
  256. Trbl you replace it with your domain
  257. Sam No, we can't. We don't know what your servers details are
  258. Trbl ^
  259. reng ok wait
  260. reng i will
  261. Trbl while you're at it, please also give us the root password to the server and your social security number
  262. Trbl 😛
  263. reng haa
  264. reng IP: Port number: 5285
  265. reng how can i replace this one
  266. Trbl chat.connectycube.com:5291 ->
  267. Trbl assuming the port is correct
  268. Trbl i dont think you can connect to wss:// without a domain name though
  269. Trbl IP shouldn't work cause it doesn't have a certificate
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  271. reng Oh..ok brother
  272. reng do you have a telegram
  273. Trbl no
  274. reng i am stuck na i want to ping you
  275. reng for doubt
  276. Trbl tell your 'senior' that you need a domain w/ tls certificate
  277. reng Ok brother
  278. Sam And tell them to make sure websockets are enabled on the ejabberd server. Good luck!
  279. reng Okay thanks Sam Trbl
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  283. Sam Do any clients that maintain a separation between the roster and open chats sync the list of open chats somewhere in a non-standard way? Maybe as a PEP node of JIDs or something? (or is there a standard for this that I've missed?)
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  285. Kev Sam: The ‘inbox’ stuff?
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  290. Sam Kev: I dunno, I vaguely remember inbox but I thought it was something different. I'm more looking for whatever anyone is actually doing in the wild as far as syncing the currently open chats list
  291. Sam goes to look at inbox
  292. Sam No, looks like inbox was just a way to speed up MAM sync
  293. Sam I'm hoping that someone is sycing the list of open chats, not history, but "these are the contacts and rooms we currently have in our 'recent chats'" list or whatever the client calls them.
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  296. MattJ I'm not aware of any clients doing that currently, but I can confirm that "inbox" is generally associated with this feature because people don't want to sync only the tabs but also the unread status of them, etc.
  297. Trbl 021-09-02 12:56:59.155029+02:00 [error] <0.7155.1>@ejabberd_hooks:safe_apply/4:240 Hook muc_process_iq crashed when running mod_mam:muc_process_iq/2: ** exception error: no case clause matching {error,{{bad_object,read_buckets}, "/var/lib/ejabberd/archive_msg.DAT"}}
  298. Trbl is that something i should open an issue for
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  392. Arun Hi
  393. Arun I require sample codes and procedures for Connecting react native with ejabberd Xmpp?
  394. moparisthebest Try https://medium.com/@connectycube/xmpp-real-time-chat-in-react-native-8d6d5d23dd47
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  424. Trbl lol another guy wanting the same thing as reng
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  447. moparisthebest Trbl, I assume it's the same person actually :)
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  454. Trbl shh 😉
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