jdev - 2021-09-08

  1. lovetox


  2. lovetox

    i have the following case

  3. lovetox

    <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="MUC_ADDRESS@HERE" type="groupchat" id="testid"> <body>test</body> <replace xmlns="urn:xmpp:message-correct:0" id="testid" /> </message>

  4. lovetox

    how to react to such a message

  5. lovetox

    note replace id and message id is the same

  6. lovetox

    my first thought was, that i ignore the replace element simply and treat the message not as a replace

  7. lovetox

    or is there a valid case for such thing?

  8. Zash

    I'd say that you can only replace a previous message.

  9. selurvedu

    While replacing any message with a unique id is technically possible, and XEP-0308 even states "While it is possible to use this protocol to correct messages older than the most recent received from a full JID, such use is out of scope for this document and support for this SHOULD NOT be assumed without further negotiation", did this "further negotiation" ever happen?

  10. lovetox

    Zash but it could be a previous message

  11. lovetox

    nobody is forced to use unique ids

  12. lovetox

    yeah but obviously if people dont use unique ids lots of stuff will probably break

  13. lovetox

    so better ignore that

  14. Zash


  15. Zash

    most recent message with the matching id (and sender) or somesuch

  16. MattJ

    selurvedu, in that sentence, "further negotiation" means between XMPP entities

  17. Zash

    presumably using some sort of protocol

  18. selurvedu

    MattJ, ah, I misunderstood. Does such protocol exist?

  19. MattJ

    Not that I'm aware of, no