jdev - 2021-09-19

  1. Sam

    XEP-0114 seems to list messages as being at thing that can have the jabber:component:accept namespace in the schema, but it also seems to suggest that all messages should be jabber:server. Does anyone know what's right there? Does it create new types of stanza using a new namespace?

  2. MattJ

    Where does it suggest jabber:server?

  3. Sam

    oh wait, maybe it doesn't; I mentioned it yesterday and no one pointed it out, but I think I misread something

  4. Sam

    So it does use :connect? or :accept? As usual with the older XEPs I have no idea what it's telling me to do

  5. MattJ

    Nothing implements :connect today

  6. MattJ

    Just like :client and :server, the stanzas themselves are in the default namespace of the stream

  7. Sam

    hmm, okay, no idea how I was misreading this now, or maybe I was looking at something else. I dunno; thanks.

  8. MattJ

    The namespace issue was the main thing that stalled XEP-0225 (114's successor)

  9. MattJ

    Everyone agreed that creating another namespace was bad, but folk were split on whether it should re-use :client or :server :)

  10. Sam

    Client wouldn't really make sense to me; surely you want to be able to send things that are server namespaced and not require that the server rewrite them (except however it normally would as if another server sent it); more flexible.

  11. Sam

    But also *shrug* probably not a big deal either way

  12. MattJ

    Whichever you choose the server has to rewrite if it crosses a c2s/s2s boundary anyway

  13. MattJ

    It turns out some people see components as privileged clients, and others see them as extensions of the server