jdev - 2021-09-28

  1. Zash

    edhelas, there's actually a PR that adds some sort of roster support (as part of ... Jingle File Transfer) https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-bifrost/pull/288

  2. edhelas

    their bridging library is in JS ? fun :D

  3. Zash

    I thought it was TypeScript

  4. edhelas


  5. Zash


  6. edhelas

    in the meantime we don't have active transport development for XMPP

  7. edhelas

    Spectrum2 is kinda stopped

  8. Zash

    Why would you use something other than XMPP?!

  9. Zash

    I thought we all achieved enlightenment and realized that bridges are terrible 🙂

  10. Zash

    But then they somehow got popular again

  11. edhelas

    because some smart guys though that they should try out XKCD-0927 IRL

  12. Zash


  13. eta


  14. Zash

    > we don't have active transport development false. hello eta 🙂

  15. eta

    I mean for some values of "active" :p

  16. eta

    it's at least newer than spectrum2

  17. eta

    and I dare say far saner

  18. Zash

    There's also matterbridge, and you _could_ count Bifröst to XMPP transports...

  19. eta

    also biboumi

  20. Zash

    It was just claimed to not be in the set of actively developed transports?

  21. Zash

    Hm, commits from this year. Release from last year. Not super active but not dead then.

  22. edhelas

    not great, not terrible

  23. Zash

    Oh, mustn't forget Biboumi, the one transport I actually run myself

  24. edhelas

    Biboumi is not a transport, Biboumi is the transport

  25. Zash


  26. eta


  27. edhelas

    I missed a few combined emojis in Movim :D

  28. eta

    (that's a transgender flag)

  29. edhelas

    yeah i know :D

  30. eta

    it's fine, so did the github developers (see the status of https://github.com/eeeeeta)

  31. edhelas

    added in 13.0, aint supporting that one yet

  32. edhelas

    damn actually I have to update

  33. edhelas


  34. Holger

    edhelas, Zash: You'd address an individual Matrix user via the Bifröst instance on matrix.org like this: user_example.com@matrix.org

  35. edhelas

    oh really ?

  36. Holger

    edhelas, Zash: No support for presence subscription but other than that, the address can of course be added to your roster just fine.

  37. edhelas

    you saved my day Holger

  38. Holger

    edhelas: Feels a bit like mobile XMPP 10 years ago tho. Some stanzas arrive, some don't.

  39. Holger

    Talking to actual Matrix rooms seems to be more reliable for some reason (not just my impression).

  40. Zash

    And some stanzas, they arrive 100x over

  41. edhelas

    a nice way to benchmark our XMPP clients

  42. edhelas

    and XMPP clients backends, such as ejabberd

  43. jonas’


  44. Zash

    Is a server called an "API backend" now?

  45. moparisthebest

    next step is "serverless"

  46. moparisthebest

    who keeps coming up with these new buzzwords for "someone else's computer" ? but I digress...

  47. MattJ

    > serverless 😱

  48. edhelas

    XMPP servers roles was always to pass meme stanzas between clients

  49. edhelas

    always has been

  50. Maranda

    > edhelas, Zash: You'd address an individual Matrix user via the Bifröst instance on matrix.org like this: user_example.com@matrix.org And if matrix.org Bifrost breaks on you there's also aria-net.org's