jdev - 2021-10-01

  1. flow

    Zash, what would be the practical advantage of such an approach?

  2. Link Mauve

    Zash, flow, see https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/682

  3. flow

    Link Mauve, lgtm

  4. Zash

    flow: of what approach? file transfer stuff on the same host? single thing to have A+AAAA records for http, proxy, etc and grouping of related things.

  5. flow

    Zash, why not steer towards having everything on the same xmpp address, why the grouping?

  6. Zash

    Because it needed to be separate from the user host for those compat reasons, and what I said above.

  7. Zash

    But I've since moved everything to the main host.

  8. Zash

    Having a host matching the actual machine name and the SRV target meant it had AAAA+A already, so no need to advertise a different hostname for http, proxy connection. And I had thoughts of having those things on a machine with more availabe bandwith.

  9. defanor

    Apparently Gajim's nbxmpp doesn't support sha-1 hashes (particularly for Jingle), and <https://dev.gajim.org/gajim/python-nbxmpp/-/blob/master/nbxmpp/protocol.py#L1600> mentions it as "SHOULD NOT", but does that come from something mentioned or referenced in the XEP (which I'm failing to find)? From just reading the XEP, I thought it's a valid algorithm for use with that XEP.

  10. defanor

    XEP-0300, I mean. Forgot to mention.

  11. flow

    i'd probably support at least receiving sha-1 for now

  12. flow

    and sending them, together with values of newer hash algos can't hurt either (if possible by the protocol, which I think it is)

  13. flow

    defanor, btw the source of the SHOULD NOT is https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0414.html#recommendations

  14. Kev

    "This specification is not meant to override recommendations or requirements laid out by other specifications. "

  15. defanor

    Thanks, at least now it's clear where that came from.

  16. defanor

    Gajim's error message was confusing too; would be nicer if it mentioned an unsupported hash algorithm, but it just says that the file was possibly damaged, and suggests to reload it. Not sure if I should open an issue, or it's enough to poke lovetox here.

  17. defanor pokes lovetox.

  18. lovetox

    no please open and issu

  19. lovetox

    no please open and issue

  20. defanor

    Too late, poked already. But now created an issue too.

  21. Martin