jdev - 2021-10-08

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  162. theTedd those who prefer console/text clients over gui: reasons? (no judgement, just wondering)
  163. Zash because terminals are peak UX!
  164. Zash currently using Dino tho
  165. goffi less distraction, no need to click, with yakuake on KDE I can show my client with F12. But I like GUI client from time to time too, depending on the context.
  166. Zash performance, coherent behavior, same (dark!) theme everywhere
  167. theTedd would a gui client with full keyboard control be a sufficient replacement, or is there still something missing?
  168. goffi The lack of distraction (no image/animated gif/whatever animation) is quite nice. I'm using e-ink display from time to time, it would be painful with most GUI client.
  169. Zash Power user stuff like using it via ssh is also nice, tho haven't done that since my irssi days
  170. theTedd but AnimatedHearts™ are the key to XMPP success!
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  172. Zash Let me tell you about libcaca!
  173. Holger Text-based client can run within GNU screen / tmux, so you can use e.g. screen/tmux copy-paste mechanisms between your chat client and other applications ...
  174. theTedd is that different from a shared clipboard, or just the control mechanism?
  175. Holger Just the control mechanism. So no difference in principle, no.
  176. Holger My `screen` runs 24/7, I re-attach to the same instance from home/work. But yes in theory proper GUI clients should be able to offer mostly the same functionality with full MAM support and whatnot.
  177. Zash screen copypaste whatnow?
  178. Zash Not minimalist enough, I went for `dtach`
  179. Holger You win!
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  181. theTedd my thought was whether a single front-end could suit both (assuming all required functionality) or whether it was something more; I get the minimalist aspect
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  185. theTedd thanks for your inputs
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  189. pep. Even though I'm used to not having pictures in terminal, It's not exactly a limitation anymore. I guess what I'm looking for in a client is full keyboard integration (shortcuts, commands, what else?), compat UI, dark theme, administrative functions. Usable remotely is also a requirement. Dunno if a GUI would do
  190. theTedd I don't see any reason a gui client couldn't do those things, though they tend not to because of different priorities
  191. pep. Yep
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  193. Zash You can do mouse-only things in TUI too
  194. moparisthebest X forwarding !
  195. pep. X? That thing is still alive?
  196. moparisthebest Always has been
  197. theTedd there was an update recently
  198. Zash forever in our hearts
  199. Zash theTedd, yeah, it's called HTML+CSS+JS over HTTP these days.
  200. goffi why using a client remotely with XMPP and MAM nowadays? It's a real question, what are the use cases ? I could see file sending, but a CLI client is more adapted IMO.
  201. pep. What do you mean goffi?
  202. Zash Faster resync
  203. pep. You don't understand the use-case of having a running client remotely on a server?
  204. goffi pep.: you have already sync on any client on your local device, why using a remote client?
  205. Zash Ultimate Inbox, send a single ^L and get everything you need
  206. goffi I don't see (!= don't understand).
  207. pep. what local device
  208. goffi pep.: the one you use to connect to remote server.
  209. pep. So my remote device? :P
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  211. goffi you use your device with telepathy (not the software)?
  212. DebXWoody Because I always have the same setup / open chat windows. Counter of unread messages.
  213. moparisthebest goffi: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0183.html ?
  214. pep. My laptop should be just a terminal I use to connect to another machine. I can destroy it and get a new one and my env should be useable again once ssh is setup, and maybe a window manager and a browser
  215. pep. (because remotely browsers.. unfortunately WEB(tm) in a console is meh)
  216. moparisthebest DebXWoody: so if there was a protocol to sync open windows and unread count you'd use a local client instead?
  217. pep. (because remote browsers.. unfortunately WEB(tm) in a console is meh)
  218. defanor I like using Emacs for IMs (and email, and IF/MUDs too), perhaps it counts as a TUI; it's pretty good at editing and navigating texts, as well as managing buffers/"windows", scripting/configuring. There are GUI programs trying to use some of the similar key bindings, and possibly even Guile for scripting, but it's far from a complete replacement.
  219. Zash Is this inbox: 🦋️
  220. theTedd no Zash, that's a pidgin
  221. Zash pid0, pid1, pidgin, pidvodka?
  222. moparisthebest pep.: Browser as a service in the cloud is actually a thing https://blog.cloudflare.com/browser-beta/
  223. pep. lol
  224. moparisthebest A few others too... Unfortunately
  225. theTedd XMPP needs more clouds and crypocoins
  226. theTedd *cryptocoins
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  229. moparisthebest It's the one thing preventing widespread adoption
  230. moparisthebest *the next one thing
  231. Zash It's next one things all the way down!
  232. moparisthebest Always has been
  233. theTedd nuke it to be sure?
  234. DebXWoody moparisthebest: I'm not sure. Didn't think about it. I'm using a mix of local and remote. Depends on the mood :)
  235. Zash moparisthebest, didn't Opera do browser as a service / remote rendering decades ago?
  236. moparisthebest For mobile? I have vague memories of that
  237. Zash Yeah, back when mobiles didn't have the processing power for web pages
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  239. Zash So they'd render on some server farm, optimized for small screens and feed you a picture.
  240. pep. theTedd, make me a vim-like UI plz, that I also want to contribute to, so Rust, plz. :P
  241. theTedd I was thinking Rust and MVVC, so there could easily be multiple 'faces' fo the front-end
  242. moparisthebest But will the front end talk to the back end with XMPP?
  243. theTedd that would be a nice tautology, so no
  244. pep. I find it difficult to have "mutliple front-ends"
  245. theTedd the difficulty is maintaining feature parity
  246. pep. Also, plz join chat@xmpp.rs. It'd be great to avoid wasted efforts
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  248. Zash theTedd, you're not about to reinvent Telepathy (the software) ?
  249. Zash Telepathy but with XMPP for protocol would have been cool.
  250. theTedd I'm definitely not, no
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  348. goffi For the record Libervia (client I'm working on) is multi-frontends (Python backend, frontend can be anything)
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  372. wurstsalat edhelas, I remember someone once showed a flow chart of when to show notifications as a client. was that you?
  373. Zash The Slack one? Georg?
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  375. MattJ It may have been me, I like sharing it
  376. MattJ It's from this blog post: https://slack.engineering/reducing-slacks-memory-footprint/
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  378. MattJ Never far from my reach when someone says "but it's easy, you just have to..."
  379. wurstsalat ah perfect, that was it, thanks a lot!
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