jdev - 2021-10-10

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  84. defanor

    I'm trying to test an ICE-UDP + DTLS-SRTP implementation with Conversations, but the latter keeps closing the Jingle session with the "failed-application" reason, whether I'm initiating or accepting it on the other side, and with one proposed payload matching that proposed by Conversations itself. I don't have it at hand myself (though perhaps should set an Android emulator, just expecting it to be messy), so the testing/debugging is tricky, but does something look wrong in <https://paste.uberspace.net/jingle-ice-udp-dtls-srtp.xml> (the session-initiate I'm sending)?

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  86. flow

    I would always hope that error responses contain a detailed reason why the application (or the used library) felt like returning an error response

  87. flow

    defanor, do you have the error response? is there anything in the adb log from conversations

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  89. flow

    usually the next thing I'd do is to identify the code site in conversations where the error response is created

  90. defanor

    flow, nothing but the "failed-application" element in the reason given in the session-terminate response, and unfortunately no adb log available (the Conversations instance I tried to test it with is just on someone else's phone, not nearby). Perhaps will indeed try to dive into those sources now.

  91. flow

    imagine how nice it would be if conversations would put some detailed information in the error response

  92. flow

    and if it's just the coordinations of the source file where the error is created

  93. flow

    stacktrace would even be better

  94. flow

    add some related state on top of it and $$$

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  98. defanor

    Apparently it happens if anything fails in the WebRTC setup function (setupWebRTC in JingleRtpConnection.java), and looks like there's quite a few things that can fail.

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  102. flow

    looks like even the exception isn't logged here :(

  103. wurstsalat

    Someone summon Daniel

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  106. flow

    or join the conversations MUC and suggest that improve the logging and the error response stanza

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  108. defanor

    Indeed, will try that. And maybe will find out there how it's run on desktops.

  109. flow

    defanor, usually via an Android Virtual Device (AVD) which an be created using the Android SDK

  110. flow

    tl;dr: simply install Android Studio :)

  111. defanor

    I see a few packages in Debian 11 repositories, like "android-sdk-platform-23", but I think I saw a remark somewhere in Conversations documentation that it needs Android API level (I think that's how it's called, not familiar with phone software development at all) 21 or 22 at most. Though maybe it was out of date.

  112. flow

    I fear I have to recommend to not use your distribution packages in this case…

  113. flow

    the Android development ecosystem is usually to fast moving for most distributions

  114. defanor panics.

  115. flow

    I mean you could of course try it, but i you want to have a good experience you want to install Android Studio and Co locally

  116. defanor

    Well, will ask about it in the Conversations MUC first -- likely somebody there knows whether it'd work. I just prefer to keep the system relatively clean, with software coming from the system repositories and being managed/updated all at once. Though there always are VMs or containers, too.

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  152. lovetox

    to the library developers, do you provide a method like getTag() which returns the first tag found within a stanza?

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  154. lovetox

    or does this method always return a list? because tags can be more than once in a stanza

  155. MattJ

    In Prosody we provide one to get the first matching tag, and one to iterate

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  157. MattJ

    You can supply a name to get a named tag in the same namespace, or supply a namespace as well

  158. defanor

    I'm just exposing libxml2's structures, for use with its functions, but also a convenience search function to find the first matching element. But that's in C and while trying to avoid additional memory allocations, so forming a new list would be more awkward than in GC'd languages; in those functions for both cases may be appropriate.

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  163. Link Mauve

    lovetox, in xmpp-rs we aim at providing high-level APIs instead of XML ones, in order to encourage developers to implement extensions in the library instead of directly in their software.

  164. Link Mauve

    We’re not there yet.

  165. emus

    Link Mauve: offtopic, should that listed on the xmpp library/tools page?

  166. lovetox

    Link Mauve, yeah i go also that way

  167. lovetox

    Gajim has only 90 matches for getTag anymore in a codebase with 100k loc

  168. Link Mauve


  169. Link Mauve

    emus, I’d say, not yet.

  170. Link Mauve

    It’s definitely not ready for prime time.

  171. Link Mauve

    Some parts are already pretty robust, like tokio-xmpp or xmpp-parsers, but the rest of the xmpp-rs APIs are not there yet.

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  174. emus

    ok, just let folks one once you think it is 🙂

  175. Link Mauve


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  186. emus


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  225. defanor

    <https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc5763#section-6.7.1> says that "Implementations MUST treat all ICE candidate pairs associated with a single component as part of the same DTLS association.", but what about different components? It appears that Dino performs a handshake just on the first component, and then uses the obtained key material for all the components, skipping handshakes on those.

  226. defanor

    But I can't find whether any specification says that it's okay.

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  246. defanor

    From <https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc5764#section-3>, it sound slike at least two sessions are used, with a DTLS association/connection per session.

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  250. defanor

    Well, unless there's multiplexing. But there's no multiplexing in this case.

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  253. defanor

    Oh, but DTLS-SRTP sessions can share DTLS sessions/handshakes. Looks like it's correct behaviour, then.

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