jdev - 2021-11-03

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  172. lovetox

    on the topic of xml parsers

  173. lovetox

    python has a xmlpullparser

  174. lovetox

    but i think it will keep the whole xml document in memory

  175. lovetox

    i think this is a problem .. i dont know how much data is exchanged between client and server, but i guess if a client runs for some days, that could be problematic

  176. flow

    lovetox, smack uses an xml pull parser but splits the top level stream elements, so that at most one is kept in memory

  177. flow

    also pull parser tend to not keep the whole document in memory

  178. flow

    since you typically can't rewind, the unreachable parts of the document can be dropped

  179. jonas’

    lovetox, xml.sax! :)

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  181. flow

    IIRC pull/push parsers can operate on streams, unlike DOM based parsers

  182. flow

    of course, this may vary from parser implementation to parser implemention

  183. flow

    having said that some xml parsers can operate on streams, I believe that in XMPP it's best to not parse on the stream but to split the top-level stream elements, as it, amongst other things, allows you to enforce a top-level stream element size limit

  184. jonas’

    you can also enforce that with a parser which can tell you where in the stream it currently is

  185. jonas’

    splitting sounds like implementing half on an XML parser which I definitely cannot recommend you doing

  186. jonas’

    (I know that moparisthebest loves that kind of pain though :))

  187. flow

    My personal experience is that the developing the splitter implmentation was not painful

  188. flow

    but yes, it's basically an xml parser, or, i'd rather say, an xml state machine

  189. flow

    and yes, if the parser is able to tell you the current position in the stream, then you probably do not need to do that

  190. flow

    unfortunately, that was not true for in my case

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  197. Kev

    We more or less use a streaming dom parser, by using a stream parser and then constructing a pseudo-dom on individual stanzas. I imagine we're not alone in that.

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  199. Sam

    That's more or less what I do as well if I understood you correctly. It's all streaming until we need to do something with a stanza or an element, then the user has an option of parsing the whole element into a DOM or similar and operating on that instead of the streamed tokens.

  200. lovetox

    jonas’, of course i can use sax, but then i have to write code to build the xml elements myself

  201. jonas’

    or port to aioxmpp :-X

  202. jonas’

    lovetox, actually, no, lxml.etree has a SAX -> etree thing

  203. jonas’

    I use that in aioxmpp to capture unschematized elements

  204. jonas’

    or used it anyway, I don't think I still do.

  205. lovetox

    thats exactly what i need

  206. jonas’

    lovetox, https://lxml.de/sax.html#building-a-tree-from-sax-events

  207. jonas’

    then you just need a shim thing which handles the stream header and then delegates to that

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  217. lovetox


  218. jonas’

    hurts to look at :)

  219. lovetox

    yeah lxml build the same pullparser and added a method to delete elements when not needed anymore

  220. jonas’

    I'd rather go the sax way where I can be sure of what's what

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  224. moparisthebest

    yea I tend to agree that sax parsers are painful, and it's better to split the stream into stanzas without parsing, and only parse individual stanzas as a whole/with a DOM parser if needed

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  229. lovetox

    i want a parser, that simply dispatches stanzas to my handlers. with that pullparser, i can just look for the "end" event, and at depth 1, i displatch the element that parser gives me.

  230. lovetox

    thats a xml parser in probably 50 lines of code

  231. flow

    lovetox, that sounds similar to what smack does

  232. jonas’

    lovetox, and hope that the delete actually works as you wish :)

  233. flow

    although what you really want to is something like jaxb, which matches the XML elements to types of your programming languages, with additional verification

  234. lovetox

    jonas’, i will test this now

  235. flow

    so much possibility to optimize the process, so little free time :)

  236. lovetox

    and also how vulnerable this parser is against attacks

  237. flow

    so much possibilities to optimize the process, so little free time :)

  238. lovetox

    because there is zero settings here that i could configure to make it more secure

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  240. moparisthebest

    lovetox, this is a stand-alone file that splits a stream on stanza boundaries without an xml parser, so you'd get notified of individual stanzas https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-proxy/blob/master/src/stanzafilter.rs#L255

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  242. lovetox

    yeah im not sure i should do this with python

  243. lovetox

    its probably slow

  244. lovetox

    but yeah i think this approach is cleaner

  245. flow

    given that its a client application, I doubt that this particular overhead will be an issue

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  248. moparisthebest

    I wouldn't think it'd be slow in python, there aren't any string copies or anything, it's just running a switch on 1 character at a time, surely faster than an XML parser

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  251. lovetox

    but its additional, its not like i spare myself the xml parsing

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  253. moparisthebest

    you spare yourself the streaming sax parsing

  254. lovetox

    Oo, maybe i missing something, all your filter is doing is cutting the stream into pieces and feeding it to the parser

  255. lovetox

    oh you mean i dont need to care then about sax events

  256. lovetox

    just give me the finished element after you parsed everything

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  258. lovetox

    that lxml lib is amazing, you can even register custom element classes, that will be used when it encounters a certain tag / namespace or event attribute combination

  259. lovetox

    this thing is made for xmpp

  260. edhelas

    lovetox funny, it's roughtly what I did for my XML library in Movim :D

  261. edhelas


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  278. lovetox

    hm parsing 1 million xml elements and creating custom python classes for it, in 2 seconds

  279. lovetox

    xml parsing is indeed not the bottleneck in a gui app

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  288. Link Mauve

    Want me to test on my server? o:)

  289. Link Mauve

    In poezio it is very much the bottleneck.

  290. Link Mauve


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  293. lovetox

    why that?

  294. Link Mauve

    Due to the way slixmpp converts DOM-like structs into XMPP-specific structs.

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  326. flow

    Link Mauve, please tell use more :)

  327. flow

    maybe with an example code

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  331. Link Mauve

    https://lab.louiz.org/poezio/slixmpp/-/blob/master/slixmpp/xmlstream/stanzabase.py#L672 mostly.

  332. Link Mauve

    This happens on each element['sub-element'] call, and is quite slow.

  333. Link Mauve

    I once started to work on a JIT for that, but never managed to make poezio start.

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  340. lovetox

    what is the opinion on validating stanzas against a schema?

  341. lovetox

    is this even possible?

  342. lovetox

    can xml schemas be "open" in they allow elements not defined in the schema

  343. lovetox

    and only validating MUST haves?

  344. Link Mauve

    In my experience, XML Schema was too poor to be used for both validation and extraction of the data to be more machine-usable.

  345. Link Mauve

    lovetox, yes, you can have <xs:any namespace='##other'/> in a schema.

  346. Link Mauve

    I’ve been trying to fix our schemas every time I encounter something invalid or not restricted enough, but they clearly aren’t used for validation (or their users never contributed back their fixes).

  347. Link Mauve

    In xmpp-parsers, I have drafted a DSL to represent the most common constructs we have in XMPP, but I translate manually from the XML Schema as well as from the XEP’s examples and text.

  348. Link Mauve

    And I still can’t represent everything.

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  350. Link Mauve

    It made me discover a whole bunch of invalid things people do in the wild.

  351. Zash

    DSL eh?

  352. Link Mauve

    And led to fixes in clients and servers.

  353. Zash

    I wonder if it maps to the OpenAPI JSON Schema XML stuff

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  361. lovetox

    Link Mauve, what i would like to do is just basic stuff like, checking that a presence type attribute is one of the allowed strings etc

  362. lovetox

    right now i have to do this all in python

  363. lovetox

    right now i have to do this all in python, manually

  364. lovetox

    that would allow me later to have much cleaner code

  365. Zash

    and if not, what would you do?

  366. lovetox

    i would only validate MUST

  367. lovetox

    so invalid type on a presence, ignore stanza

  368. lovetox

    or am i again to strict, and have to later add not failing on that because someone sends wrong values all the time :D

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  371. Zash

    And if you already have that in Python, do you really gain much by having it in XML instead?

  372. lovetox

    yes much cleaner code

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  375. lovetox

    now everywhere i have to be ready to catch exceptions, every attribute i query i have to be prepared for it to be None etc

  376. lovetox

    parsing 4 attributes into enums, is then 30 lines of code

  377. lovetox

    but true much is probably not possible to validate

  378. lovetox

    many things have implicit defaults, so i need to check afterwards anyway if its there or not

  379. Link Mauve

    lovetox, have a look at slixmpp or aioxmpp, they both already do so and in Python.

  380. Link Mauve

    They validate, and also make a more ergonomic API.

  381. larma

    I don't really see cleaner code. When you do pre-validation, you only safe the one "else" case for all invalid values which needs to throw an exception. In proper languages that's about one line of code, in python maybe three.

  382. stpeter has joined

  383. jonas’

    larma, catching obviously invalid stanzas early (and returning an error to the sender early) makes for cleaner code than doing it from random places all over the code

  384. larma

    jonas’, I was thinking we parse as early as possible to not carry around heavy lifting strings when an enum value would've been enough...

  385. jonas’

    yes, enumification is also a nice thing of doing things early

  386. jonas’

    yes, enumification is also a nice opportunity you get when doing things early

  387. Zash

    Cleaner code... /me looks at https://hg.prosody.im/prosody-modules/file/58a20d5ac6e9/mod_rest/res/schema-xmpp.json

  388. Zash

    I made this monstrosity. Fear me!

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  403. flow

    lovetox, you can validate schema and should, if it's not obviously broken, with the one exception that XML schemas IIRC do not allow unspecified elements and attributes. but in XMPP we allow those everywhere (I believe some may disagree with me about that, but IMHO it's the only sane thing to do)

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  406. lovetox

    flow so how do i validate then? if someone adds a element, my validation fails ..

  407. lovetox

    but its not invalid per xmpp definition

  408. flow

    so basically you can validate XML for which an schema exists, but not XML for which no schema exists. those should be simply ignored, as you obviously know nothing about them and did not negogiate it either

  409. lovetox

    but thats very extension unfriendly

  410. flow

    well if a schema specifies the 'priority' attribute to be unsignedByte, you can validate that

  411. lovetox

    i mean often XEPs start with someone just putting something additionally in there

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  414. lovetox

    flow i can only validate everything or nothing

  415. lovetox

    not only one attribute

  416. flow

    that was just an example ;)

  417. flow

    > lovetox> flow i can only validate everything or nothing

  418. flow

    I don't that that's true

  419. flow

    In fact I know that this is not true :)

  420. flow

    but maybe we are talking past each other

  421. malthe has joined

  422. Zash

    Does XML schema validators not ignore unknown things?

  423. flow goes looking for a simple schema example from the XEP

  424. flow

    Zash, I don't think so no

  425. flow

    that's the one thing where we in XMPP vary from how XML schemas are validated

  426. flow

    IIRC you have to add some magic schema thingy in the elements schema to allow for arbitrary further child elements

  427. Kev has left

  428. flow

    that are not part of the schema

  429. Kev has joined

  430. flow

    and IIRC we mostly don't do that in our XMPP schemas

  431. flow

    lovetox, look for example at https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0203.html#schema

  432. flow

    surely you can validate stamp

  433. flow

    you can validate that it's value is in the correct format and that the required attribute actually exists

  434. flow

    <delay xmlns='urn:xmpp:delay' from='juliet@capulet.com/balcony' stamp='2002-09-10T23:41:07Z'/>

  435. flow

    but let's assume I add a child element into <delay/>

  436. flow

    and you don't have a schema about it, it's purely optional and does not need to be negotiated

  437. flow

    then you cann still verify 'stamp', but not the child element

  438. flow

    then you can still verify 'stamp', but not the child element

  439. flow

    so, it's not a all or nothing validation situation

  440. flow

    so, it's not an all or nothing validation situation

  441. flow

    lovetox, does this help?

  442. Link Mauve

    flow, it would help in that case to add an <xs:any namespace='##other'/> in the delay element.

  443. flow

    sure, but let's just pretend that this is everywhere in our schemas

  444. Zash

    sprincle those everywhere 😕

  445. Link Mauve

    Please no. ^^'

  446. Link Mauve

    It makes validation (of the whole stanza) much harder.

  447. flow

    what makes validation much harder?

  448. Link Mauve

    In xmpp-parsers I add Option types for each known sub-element defined elsewhere, slixmpp doesn’t do that and instead keeps the extensibility everywhere, at the expense of performances.

  449. Link Mauve

    flow, let’s say I want to assert that delay won’t be extended, or it is an error.

  450. Link Mauve

    (For instance because I don’t support it to be extended.)

  451. Link Mauve

    Leaving an extension point in it will take more memory and void the type safety of it.

  452. stpeter has joined

  453. Link Mauve

    While with the current schema, we can take it as OOP languages use the final keyword.

  454. flow

    I think my general point is that in XMPP, unknown things should typically be simply ignored, as otherwise, the eXtensability in XMPP becomes unnecessary hard

  455. flow

    servers can still filter unknown elements/attributes if they determined that those have not be negoiated between sender and recipient (but I am not sure if this is feasible)

  456. flow

    unnecessary hard and even impossible in some situations

  457. Link Mauve

    I’m ok with that in the generic public network case, but for specific implementations it does make sense to reject extensions you don’t know about.

  458. Link Mauve

    Even if just for validation of other implementations.

  459. flow

    Link Mauve> flow, let’s say I want to assert that delay won’t be extended, or it is an error. I may be misunderstanding the meaning of 'error' here, but I believe that mindest is harmful

  460. flow

    it shouldn't be an error, it should simply be ignored

  461. flow

    and it's fine if your native types don't allow the user to access those ignored elements/attributes

  462. flow

    Link Mauve, define 'reject' here

  463. rafasaurus has left

  464. Link Mauve

    Either ignore the whole delay element and only account for the other payloads, or ignore the whole stanza and reply with an error, stuff like that.

  465. flow

    why would you igniore the whole delay element if it's perfectly fine otherwise?

  466. flow

    why would you ignore the whole delay element if it's perfectly fine otherwise?

  467. Kev

    I would recommend more or less completely ignoring the schemas, personally.

  468. Zash

    when we say "validate", do we mean `validate(schema, stanza) : boolean` ?

  469. flow

    if someone send you additional data within the delay element, without obviously negoiating it, then the sender has to assume that you may ignore it (because he doesn't know if you understand it)

  470. flow

    Kev, in my personal experience, schemas in XEPs haven proven to be very helpful when implementing said XEP to clarify things that aren't clear from the text

  471. malthe has left

  472. flow

    Zash, I think so, yes, the stanza is either valid or not

  473. Zash

    What would a client do with this boolean?

  474. flow

    the question is: what consitutes a valid stanza in the presence of unknown elements/attributes?

  475. Kev

    Fair enough. Having gone through some experience of people trying to use schemas for validating traffic, I feel confident in saying using them normatively can also lead to pain.

  476. Zash

    Sorry, something put an invalid delay tag in your message, so we threw the whole message into the trash

  477. flow

    Zash, configurable, could be ignoring the stanza completely

  478. flow

    Zash, define "invalid delay element" here?

  479. Zash

    Isn't what you actually want something that takes a schema and extracts the bits you care about, and ignores any undefined extras?

  480. Zash

    A data mapper, rather than a schema

  481. Link Mauve

    Zash, what I do currently is `validate(schema, RFC-parts-of-the-stanza; foreach payload in stanza: validate(schema, payload)`.

  482. flow

    is it like stamp='invalid'? or with an unknown child extension element?

  483. Link Mauve

    Although that’s not completely correct as it is a transformative operation, not just a validation.

  484. Zash

    and I don't see how XML schema is particularly helpful for making such a thing

  485. Link Mauve

    In the current example, I end up with a struct Delay { from: Jid, stamp: DateTime } for instance.

  486. Kev

    (And we *do* have a product that does validation of XMPP traffic across security boundaries, so I'm not saying "Don't do this", merely "Here there be dragons")

  487. Link Mauve

    And I also agree with Kev, ignore schemas (or extract information useful to you) and write your own DSL.

  488. flow

    Zash> Sorry, something put an invalid delay tag in your message, so we threw the whole message into the trash I think it is safer to throw the whole message in the trash, as ignoring parts of the elements of an stanza could modify the stanzas semantics

  489. flow

    even though I am not aware of a concrete example

  490. flow

    but I rather be defensive per default

  491. sonny has left

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  493. Link Mauve

    I’d really like to have a server plugin to validate every stream, and report issues it finds to the developers of the relevant violating implementations.

  494. Zash

    flow: So a new XEP comes along and now you can't read any messages anymore because they have a new tag?

  495. flow

    Zash, that's not what I had in mind

  496. flow

    It's not even what I tried to express

  497. aram has left

  498. rafasaurus has joined

  499. Zash

    I may be too tired today for properly reading anything, sorry if I misunderstand

  500. flow

    trying to come up with a slightly related example

  501. Sam

    I read it that way too, fwiw *shrug*

  502. flow

    I do this on the fly so it is maybe not good

  503. flow

    if someone sends you an *invalid* stanza, e.g. an attribute which value 'foo' but it's specified to be an integer

  504. flow

    I think then you can only ignore it

  505. flow

    because the sender may wants to tell you something

  506. Kev

    Although I think it's been lost to the mists of time, we did have a DSL processor for Swiften to create the various parsers/serialisers/elements, but it wasn't XSD-based.

  507. flow

    but you have no idea what, hence you can only guess what it is, and that leads to issues, because you may have guessed wrong

  508. Zash

    not treat it as if that child tag or extension was simply gone?

  509. flow

    presense status with an invalid priority are probably a good example

  510. Link Mauve

    flow, then you have a choice: either you work around it and still try to interpret it somehow, carry this tribal knowledge forever, and laugh at other implementations which didn’t make the same choice or carry it there too; or you report it to them so that they can stop sending the invalid value.

  511. flow

    Zash, that's the tricky question

  512. Link Mauve

    I’m firmly in the latter camp.

  513. flow

    as I said, I could imagine that the semantic of a stanza is made up of multiple of its child elements

  514. Zash

    priority is a core thing, so uh

  515. Kev

    There's definitely, to my mind, a difference between unexpected, and expected-but-invalid content.

  516. flow

    and then, if you ignore the existence of one of the child elements, the semantic may be different

  517. Link Mauve

    Zash, yet I’ve received invalid ones, IIRC it was Gajim which didn’t validate what the user could input there.

  518. stpeter has left

  519. Link Mauve

    It allowed numbers fewer than -128 or bigger than 127.

  520. flow

    assume a client has set the highest priority 99999

  521. flow

    he may then assumes that messages are routing according to this pirority

  522. flow

    but servers may cap it?

  523. Link Mauve

    Someone sent me a priority 500, my program rightfully rejected the stanza, I reported it and it got fixed.

  524. flow

    or servers may treat it as 0?

  525. Link Mauve

    So no one has to handle that case.

  526. Link Mauve

    (flow, highest priority is 127.)

  527. flow

    Link Mauve, I know :)

  528. flow

    but the client wo set it to 99999 didn't

  529. Link Mauve

    Right, so exactly my example. ^^

  530. flow

    in the end, I believe it's the best for the open source community ecosystem of XMPP if implementations validate and reject invalid stanzas as a whole, and emit a visible error message in such a case, ideally pointing to the sending entity, with an request to report an issue to the vendor

  531. Link Mauve


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  535. flow

    Link Mauve, :)

  536. flow

    Link Mauve, btw, is there an equivalent of <xs:any namespace='##other'/> for attributes?

  537. Link Mauve

    Yes, <xs:anyAttribute namespace="##other"/>.

  538. Link Mauve

    We already use both in our XEPs.

  539. Link Mauve

    But AFAIK we still disallow namespaced attributes.

  540. Link Mauve

    There is still no XEP for an entity to advertise it properly supports XML namespaces.

  541. flow

    not sure if we officially disallow them, it just seems that some seem to be afraid of them

  542. Link Mauve

    Or that yeah.

  543. stpeter has joined

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  546. Kev

    We definitely have guidance not to use them, I'm just not sure where.

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